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From a flash rave in the library on Decemeber 16th during finals,

The quick summary and then the full thing:

I’m looking forward to graduation on Saturday but I’ll sure miss my undergraduate school.

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Some of you might already know about my work at Duke Energy on a solar photovoltaic distributed generation project. But even if you don’t, the program recently got covered by good ol’ Faux News. Actually, Fox finally put out a story I can’t bash. Proving that in the holiday season, miracles can happen.

This video doesn’t exist

If you are potentially interested in becoming a host site for one of these systems (and you are interested in pulling down a yet un-negotiatied lease payment from Duke for hosting the install, likely in the $50-200/year range) then visit this site to sign up,


Feel free to send the link to your friends and family in Duke’s service territory. We’ll start picking sites in spring 2009 and installations will begin soon after.

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This parody is so spot on.

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This Thursday marks the first and only public exhibition for the Charlotte 49er Men’s Bball team vs. Phfiffphefr (or something spelled like that).

I’m excited for many reasons about this upcoming season but I’ll explain those later and just let this video explain,

(note: the last dunk in the video was chosen by ESPN as “Dunk of the Year”)

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AC/DC Does The Office

I never thought of making a music video in excel.

Probably a good thing.

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This is one of the more creative campaign commercials I’ve ever seen.

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A new Bev Purdue ad targets Mayor Pat on the issue of urban preferences. It claims that McCrory would take money away from the rural parts of the state and give it to Charlotte.

True or not, this ad exemplifies the kind of divisive philosophy that has torn up our state for so long. It shouldn’t be about city vs. country. What’s good for Charlotte is good for NC and vice versa.

My favorite tidbit from the NC governor’s election came from Mike Munger on WFAE’s Charlotte Talks as he talked about how we subsidize sprawl in the state by allowing state representatives to take pork money back to their districts. We have to build density in the state to reduce the costs that sprawled infrastructure is having on society, but also we need to take care of our rural areas.

Let’s stop with the rivalries NC. It isn’t Charlotte v Raleigh or Charlotte v Asheville. We need everyone to survive the changing economy.

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