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Moving on…

Alas, it is time for me to move on from my wordpress.com hosting to my new site.

Please update your RSS readers and such.

I’m now at http://jritch.com

See you there!

This site will no longer be updated and jritch.net will be moved over to my new blog as soon as I can get wordpress hosting to email me back.

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UNC Charlotte Flash Rave

Photo credit: Alex Krohn via Erby’s Blog

Inside the Atkins Library during the exam  flash rave. I thought this was a spectacular picture so I had to post it here. Thanks for finding it Erby! And thanks to Alex for taking it! 

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This has to be the worst sign in Charlotte. On The Plaza one day as I was driving by I saw this one and said, “ewwww” so the next time I was driving by I made sure to capture it on camera.

Meat Our New Dancers

It doesn’t just say Meat Our New Dancers, it also says Park in Rear

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I hope to start updating frequently soon, the end of the this semester is very hectic. In the meantime, I’ve started contributing to an amazing blog in the Charlotte area, http://cltblog.com

You can follow some of my adventures on there.

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The only city in the US where housing prices have increased this month is my home town of Charlotte according to the index of national home prices. Sucks to live in Miami and Las Vegas where housing prices dropped off 19.3%

Why are Charlotte housing prices increasing? I’m guessing its because the housing market is undervalued and a ton of people are moving here.

Perhaps its the view like the one from my front door… so many trees

Maybe its the growth of the skyline

When you have this much construction, how can prices rise?

When houses like this are only a few blocks from the center of the city… why not move to Charlotte?

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I was emailed this morning by one of my friends in the Greek Village the story of a girl that put her phone in the microwave because it got wet and she wanted to dry it. This is why you don’t put a cell phone in a microwave.

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Talk Like A Pirate Day! Arrr!

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrr! One of my favorite holidays since high school. I’m sure that Andy, Kim and Nathan can remember back in our high school days of 2004 when we ran from the cafeteria to classrooms where we belted our big ARRs! for our class mates. Ah yes… those were the days of plunder and piracy.

In 2006 I bought Pirattittude to help me appreciate the holiday even more.

And in 2007 I am ready to truly embrace my piracy and to tell the world to say ARR!

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