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Not too much unlike our national presidential debates,

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Older and more Italian than the US Spiderman, this guy knows how to be a superhero,

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The ultimate anti-piracy ad, courtesy of the BBC’s amazing IT crowd.

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A recent post on Tubewad reminded me how much I love Arrested Development, it also compiled some awesome GOB Bluth Youtube videos…

Steve Holt is a bastard

I made a huge mistake, I had you Steve Holt

Don’t consummate the marriage

The Final Countdown

Franklin the Puppet

F*** City

Don’t **** or **** in this office

Seriously, check out the original post, it is full of amazing annotations that explicitly elaborate on how awesome GOB Bluth really is

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This movie trailer was made for only $100! Maybe a producer will pick it up,

The last line of this trailer is one of the greatest lines ever

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Paul and I are now looking forward to this movie, (yes this is a real movie)

Get those mother*!$#in’ sheep off my mother !@#$in’ plains

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