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After having some great prospects like Pat Calathes from St. Joe’s the A10 yet again proved why it was a poor league by landing zero of its players in the draft. Why are any of the guys in the A10 going to get a shot when no one knows who they are because of the horrible A10 TV contracts of the last few years. Hopefully our new commish will fix that.

On another note, why did the Bobcats pass up Lopez to pick yet another guard? If your rationale is having two guards on your roster, you don’t fix that by using your first round pick on him. You use your 20th pick to do that. Traditional NBA herd mentality, draft PGs because the Bulls drafted a PG. Then we traded next year’s first round pick for a guy that will take a year to develop? Sounds to me like we gave up what will be another lottery pick. I hope Larry Brown proves me wrong.

Augustin’s a great player and I’m glad to have him in Charlotte, I just don’t get why GM Michael Jordan makes the decisions he does

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Draft Day 2008

2:20 PM- Playing Poker at the Taj in AC

Bob Johnson: “I wanna put together a team that will help us relocate to Miami”
Rod Higgins: “What do ya mean? Some of these guys are furniture movers?”
MJ: “Get me a drink Rod”

3:40: draft planning @ Del Frisco

Rod Higgins: “I’ve never heard of half of these guys and the ones I do know are way past their prime”
Larry Brown: “Most of these guys never had a prime”
MJ: “This guy here is dead”
Bob Johnson: “Cross him off then”

6:50 pm- Private Dance Room-Scores

Bob Johnson: Any ideas?
MJ: On how we can get worse?
Bob Johnson: Mmmmm…
MJ: How about a series of fines for good play? Maybe a $30,000 bonus to the guy voted Least Valuable Player.
Bob Johnson… we’re coddling these guys too much. Yeah!

9:40 pm MSG

David Stern: ” with the 20th pich, the Charlotte Bobcats select PePe LePew, France

9:41 pm- Backseat of a Limo heading back to AC

MJ: “I think he’ll fit right in with our team concept.”
Larry Brown: “That reminds me, I was going to ask you. What exactly *is* our team concept?”

9:57 pm- Pay phone outside othe Taj
Larry Brown to Agent- “Can you see if the Sixers will let me have my job back”

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What a sports weekend eh? Starting Thursday I was at Charlotte Bobcats arena as the Bobcats took on the Orlando Magic. The Magic have the best record in the east and the Bobcats have the worst but that’s why I brought Jordan Van Dyne with me. Jordan is from Orlando, but now that he is in North Carolina, he has been to several Orlando Magic games and the Magic always lose. As the game ended with the Bobcats on top (only the 6th victory of the year out of almost 30 games) Jordan reiterated that I can thank him for the victory.

Thank you Jordan

Friday was Jason Feltis’ 21st Birthday… and no better birthday has ever been had. He and about 25 other people (including myself) went to Raleigh, tailgated, and watched the Hurricanes and the Toronto Maple Leafs duke it out. The Leafs won but it was still a lot of fun. After a year of searching for hurricanes merchandise in Charlotte, I finally gave up and bought a shirt at the team store. It looks awesome and was completely affordable @ $20.

Jason was excited to get rice krispies… I was shocked at their unbelievable size!

I went to visit my aunt and cousin (which have season tickets) during the 1st intermission but since I was in the cheap seats the usher wouldn’t let me in to see them because they had better seats than I… I explained the situation calmly and eloquently to the usher but he still wouldn’t let me pass. I didn’t dispute the situation because I knew he wouldn’t budge. The game would have been better if I wasn’t sick with a sore throat (which I’m now recovered from). I was so drained of energy from the sickness that I didn’t feel good driving the 2.5 hours, but my friends kept me alive throughout the journey as I drove Jason Loy, Marcus, and Adam from Raleigh to Charlotte

I was clearly excited while driving

Saturday saw me relaxing, cleaning and packing as I prepared to go home. But since Saturday was truly Jason Feltis’ birthday he went to Picasso’s sports bar where we had a fine dinner. I wanted to watch the Hurricanes (vs Tampa Bay) and Bobcats (vs Boston) play on TV, but the whole bar only wanted to watch the NFL… :-p

From left to right: Marcus, Jason Loy, Greg, Feltis’ Sister, Jason Feltis, Jenn, Mandeep, Justin

Sunday I had the pleasure of watching the Panthers end their season (effectively so…) with the worst home loss in 12 years of Panthers football. When Keyshawn was asked if he would play for the Panthers next season, he responded, “I hope so”… capturing the point that after a season with this much hype and this much disappointment… everyone could lose their jobs.

This fan says it all… Go Panthers!
Charlotte might just be the worst sports city in the nation right now
Which team is worse? 49ers, Bobcats, or Panthers?

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