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At last weekends LSU-South Carolina game, one of the refs got a little too caught up in the moment as he took down the Gamecock’s QB. Guess he is leading ref’s in sacks this season,

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My favorite team used to be the Chiefs before the Panthers moved into town in ’95 but after seeing KC dominated on Sunday… well… this photo sums it up,

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Too bad I couldn’t be there…. kudos to Marcus for these videos!

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This past weekend the ACC was embarrassed in football on multiple levels. VT lost to ECU, Maryland almost lost to D1AA Delaware, NCSU is horrible, UNCCH got lucky on a few punt returns in order to beat D1AA McNeese St., Clemson was obliterated by Alabama, Wake is ranked but only beat Baylor. Basically its pathetic all around.

The ACC gets worse at football every year. It’s like how the A10 is always the mole to the Big East’s mallet. Except it is worse because the ACC gets an automatic BCS bid. Essentially every team in the SEC could win the ACC right now. Yes, I will stand by that statement.

Yet it is truly beautiful. After watching the VT v ECU game here in Charlotte with Jason Feltis, I realized that this was a golden age for UNC Charlotte to start a football team. The biggest thing in NC college football is the 3 time D1AA team that lost to LSU by about 40 points. In other words, not much to get excited about unless you love Boone, and most of the people that live there don’t even fall into that category.

With football failing across the area, the quality high school students will love the new approach the Charlotte 49ers can bring to the game. Just another reason to attend the March to the Gridiron on Sept. 16th to show UNC Charlotte Chancellor Phil Dubois that we want football! I won’t be there because I’ll be in Austria but I will definately be following it closely as I drum up 49er football support in Europe!

Representin' by you.

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After having some great prospects like Pat Calathes from St. Joe’s the A10 yet again proved why it was a poor league by landing zero of its players in the draft. Why are any of the guys in the A10 going to get a shot when no one knows who they are because of the horrible A10 TV contracts of the last few years. Hopefully our new commish will fix that.

On another note, why did the Bobcats pass up Lopez to pick yet another guard? If your rationale is having two guards on your roster, you don’t fix that by using your first round pick on him. You use your 20th pick to do that. Traditional NBA herd mentality, draft PGs because the Bulls drafted a PG. Then we traded next year’s first round pick for a guy that will take a year to develop? Sounds to me like we gave up what will be another lottery pick. I hope Larry Brown proves me wrong.

Augustin’s a great player and I’m glad to have him in Charlotte, I just don’t get why GM Michael Jordan makes the decisions he does

As posted on NinerNation.net,

Draft Day 2008

2:20 PM- Playing Poker at the Taj in AC

Bob Johnson: “I wanna put together a team that will help us relocate to Miami”
Rod Higgins: “What do ya mean? Some of these guys are furniture movers?”
MJ: “Get me a drink Rod”

3:40: draft planning @ Del Frisco

Rod Higgins: “I’ve never heard of half of these guys and the ones I do know are way past their prime”
Larry Brown: “Most of these guys never had a prime”
MJ: “This guy here is dead”
Bob Johnson: “Cross him off then”

6:50 pm- Private Dance Room-Scores

Bob Johnson: Any ideas?
MJ: On how we can get worse?
Bob Johnson: Mmmmm…
MJ: How about a series of fines for good play? Maybe a $30,000 bonus to the guy voted Least Valuable Player.
Bob Johnson… we’re coddling these guys too much. Yeah!

9:40 pm MSG

David Stern: ” with the 20th pich, the Charlotte Bobcats select PePe LePew, France

9:41 pm- Backseat of a Limo heading back to AC

MJ: “I think he’ll fit right in with our team concept.”
Larry Brown: “That reminds me, I was going to ask you. What exactly *is* our team concept?”

9:57 pm- Pay phone outside othe Taj
Larry Brown to Agent- “Can you see if the Sixers will let me have my job back”

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Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my hometown NFL team is the 14th most popular in the NFL beating out long time league mainstays like the Broncos and Jets while tying with the team that fielded Dan Marino.

Fans can criticize Richardson all they want about not performing well at home over the last few seasons, but whatever his office is doing to bring the Panthers into the mainstream… it is working. The Jags came into the league at the same time we did and they have been dead last in NFL popularity from 2005 on.

Tracking the Panthers’ popularity over time is interesting… they were “least popular” in 2003, the Super Bowl Year. But they shot up in huge popularity after the Big Game. However, the Seahawks who have played in a more recent Super Bowl are not experiencing nearly as much of a long term popularity boost.

My common sense tells me that this isn’t an accurate representation. I would think that the Broncos would be way more “popular” than the Panthers. After analyzing the Google Trends searches for each team pictured below, the results are far more in line with what you would expect. But maybe popular teams aren’t defined by their search engine hits. I’d love to see a study on Harris Poll information vs  Google Trends data.

Google Trend info for the teams ranking around the Carolina Panthers in the latest Harris Poll, Panthers are lagging way behind…

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In honor of Michael Vick’s indictment for committing a federal conspiracy I have posted this youtube video,

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Residents of the state of LA have one year to wind down the cockfighting activities while preparing for the event to finally be illegal… just like in all other 49 states.

I remember one night about a year ago, I was having dinner over at Jane’s house and her dad started telling a story about the time that he took his kids to a cockfighting match. I was really surprised that this kind of thing still went on in major public venues, and specifically that it wasn’t illegal.

The vote on the bill that made cockfighting illegal was passed unanimously. The bill also included a section that made gambling at cockfighting events illegal which will likely put an end to the event even quicker.

However, this could have a black market effect on the traditional sport. Cockfighting generates a lot of revenue for the counties that have highly rooted traditions in the fights. Likely cockfighting will still go on in Louisiana for generations, it will just be under the roost now. Now the local law enforcement has the egg on their plate to stop the gruesome battles from occurring. Good luck to the police of Louisiana.

This man likely has no other source of income

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