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The UK government cares about its drunk citizens. As demonstrated by its recent grant allocated for handing flip-flops to the tipsy femmes that can’t balance.

From the St. Petersburg Times Via @eyecharlotte

British resort firmly behind free flip-flops

One of the biggest societal problems facing the people of the British resort town of Torbay is: How do drunk women walk home from a party on high heels? Thanks to a government grant, that problem is being tackled. Volunteers will be deployed to hand out free flip-flops to anyone who can’t walk at the elevation their shoes would mandate, or anyone who simply lost their shoes. Apparently, that happens a lot. Officials hope this will cut down on calls to paramedics. “Let’s not make it gender specific,” police inspector Adrian Leisk said. “There are plenty of times when young men go out and lose their footwear, if you know what I mean.” No, but we’ll accept that it is a big problem.

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In reference to starting a club football team from the UNC-Greensboro student newspaper,

 “I am disgusted at the notion of having a football team here,” said Michelle Threlkeld, a member of the Wiccan-Pagan Student Alliance. “This is an art school and the people who came here knew that. They could have gone to State if they wanted a football team.”

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A few days ago I hit 200,000 visitors to my blog! Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ve enjoyed the random posts I make over the last few years.

As you can see, I’m pretty excited about it

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Spencer Reiss over at Wired.com put up a snazzy article today on why $5 gas is the greatest thing for America. The article goes on to make some excellent points about what I’ve always thought, alternative energy sources will not become a realistic option for the US economy until the incredibly inexpensive infrastructure built on petroleum products becomes too expensive to maintain. 

The truth is that the often maligned oil companies could do a lot of good if they threw their super budgets into alternative fuels research. And they do already. The problem is that it is just too profitable to maintain the status quo. There is tons of money to be made in alternative fuels, and when the current system reaches a “point of no return” (e.g. $5 gas) then solar, nuclear, wind, etc… will become the mainstream of American energy.

One of the best things that I learned on my trip to the old red, white, and bleu… is that France has it right. The air was so clean, even in Paris. Most of the country is powered by nuclear energy and as I rode through the countryside on a train, I saw windmills generating power.

There are a lot of forward thinking experts in the US, our government just has to give them ear time to make their case. That’s why my vote in the 2008 presidential race will go to the candidate with the best energy policy. I hope that the rest of America realizes the impact that oil has on our current distribution methods for everything from plastic to our daily meals The next 10 years of American history won’t be determined by “housing bubbles”, internet economies or wars that are justified or not.

America will establish itself as a world leader for the next century only by developing an energy infrastructure that can put the country ahead of the curve as oil becomes a less viable option for powering the engine of the world economy.

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All Charlotte 49er fans know how close Bobby Lutz came to leaving his unsure future at Charlotte for a six year contract with much less pressure at South Alabama. It came really close… I love Coach Lutz, so I’m glad he is staying. I recorded an interview between him and WFNZ recently. Click play below to listen to it,


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We Did It!

Thanks to my awesome friends and supporters Tim and I are the next President and Vice President at UNC Charlotte! I’m really excited and due to the election process lasting so long, it’s going to be a fast and furious end to the semester.

Today I need to write a letter to the Charlotte 49er Community outlining some of my plans for the start of my presidency and then I need to meet up with my Chief of Staff and my Vice President to talk about our executive cabinet. Then I need to thank everyone who messaged me and wrote on my wall through Facebook and then I’m going out to eat with my parents and hopefully attending Dr. Faustus with them (because I can’t find anyone around that wants to take in a play with me). So it is going to be a busy day but I’m going to try and get it all done.

I shake current SB Pres, Ben Comstock’s hand, while opponent Matt Lawing claps

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About three weeks ago, right when all this election stuff was getting started, the University Times (UNC Charlotte’s leading source for printed NinerOnline.com stories) left me out of the issue that covered the Presidential elections. Someone or some group went and took all of the issues and then threw them outside the Student Media office door! The National Student Press Law Center contacted me last week along with the campus police and this article resulted from those phone interviews. I think the article does a good job of covering the story so I commend Brian Hudson for his work. Check out the article below and visit the SPLC.org website,

Papers stolen from UNC-Charlotte after staff neglects to feature presidential candidate

Issues returned by ‘concerned and wealthy alumni’ of the university

© 2007 Student Press Law Center

April 18, 2007

NORTH CAROLINA — Thousands of copies of The University Times were stolen from stands at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte last week after the student newspaper omitted a candidate in its campus election preview edition.The issues were taken after the April 5 distribution, and on Monday editors found between two and three thousand copies piled at the front door of the building that houses the newspaper office, said University Times Adviser Wayne Maikranz.Editors believe the theft is a response to the newspaper’s failure to include any information about one of three candidates for student body president, including his platform and picture. They say the error stemmed from a communication failure within the editorial staff.

Attached to the pile of newspaper was a note, Maikranz said, which read: “We noticed there were some important omissions from your Thursday, April 5, publication of The University Times. We thought you might like to make some corrections so we decided to return them to you.”

The note was signed by “concerned and wealthy alumni” of the university, Maikranz said.

Although campus police will continue to investigate the incident, they are not considering it a criminal matter, said William Harper, assistant chief of police and public safety at the university. He said that after conferring with the local magistrate’s office, police determined that no crime was committed.

The newspapers are free, Harper pointed out, and there was no destruction of property because the newspapers were merely moved from distribution boxes to the newspaper office. He added that school officials still could choose to pursue disciplinary action.

The newspaper includes a statement in each issue stating that the first copy is free and additional copies are 35 cents. North Carolina does not have a law explicitly criminalizing newspaper theft, but several states have successfully prosecuted free newspaper thieves under general theft statutes.

The candidate omitted from the newspaper, Justin Ritchie, said that he was not maligned for being omitted from the issue and that he was not involved with the theft in anyway.

He surmised that some unofficial campaign supporters could have been involved. Earlier in the election race, Ritche said, such supporters cased a stir when they began distributing unsanctioned campaign fliers.

“Unfortunately I cannot control my voter base when it comes to things like that,” Ritchie said.

Campus police questioned Ritchie, but they said he is not considered a suspect.

Ritchie said that he deplores the theft and that because he has friends on the University Times staff, he is aware of the effort they put into producing the newspaper.

“People like that need to have an apology,” said Ritchie, who was the top vote-getter in last week’s election with 41 percent. He is now competing in the runoff election.

Read the rest of the story on the SPLC website.

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As I was browsing through the Consumerist today I saw a map that painted the world as it looks to Wal-Mart executives. Take a look at the great work done by Benjamin Edwards.net.

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