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AC/DC Does The Office

I never thought of making a music video in excel.

Probably a good thing.

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Last night after work I headed to Asheville with John Avery for Atmosphere’s Paint the Nation Tour. It is likely the only hip hop show I’ll ever go to that is 98% white people (that’s Asheville for ya!).

The show was a lot of fun! Atmosphere tore down the house and he was so incredibly positive its amazing. I think that stylistically, hip hop and rap has become so derogratory and demeaning towards society, women, life, etc… and Atmosphere counters all that with socially conscious lyricism that exposes the hypocricies of modern america and encourages you to smile.

At one point during the show a random kid takes another guys hat and throws it on the stage provoking a fight. Atmosphere stops the show and tells the guy that he is an idiot and that he needs to go talk to girls or something else. He then hands the hat back to the guy in the crowd. Good stuff.

It was the first show I’ve been to since last spring… I didn’t get a chance to do anything when I lived in Western NC this summer and I’ve been so busy in Charlotte I’ve missed a lot of great tours through here. I’m hoping that this one has just kicked off my fall music season!

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This summer marked the triumphant return of the Williams family and me to FloydFest. After randomly seeing a poster on a shop store window in Asheville, NC which advertised “The Cat Empire” as one of the headliners of the music festival, we thought, “Let’s check it out.”

As it turned out, the FloydFest is only about 30 minutes away from Jane’s cabin in Kibler Valley, VA! It was then a shoe-in for us to visit. We bought our tickets and visited on Saturday (Day 3 of the festival). We had a great time and bought our tickets ASAP for the next year.

This time, Jane’s brother had an RV that we borrowed so we could camp out near the site and we planned for 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Here is our story in photos… we are definately going back next year!

Dinosaur Lady by you.

This alien headed lady hands bells to children while chained to a t-rex gondola

Woodsong Instruments by you.

He made some amazing handcrafted wood instruments!

David Grisman by you.

David Grisman and his Quintet performed some amazing mandolin music

Crazy Face Pottery in HDR by you.

One of the local Floyd, VA artists made pottery with unique faces

Rick and the Man by you.

Jane’s dad had a great time with this guy. As Jane’s mom was playing a special piece of pottery with her hands, a “singing bowl” the man said, “If you do it right, you feel it all through your chakras”

Amos Lee by you.

Jane loved Amos Lee, even though she said it seemed a little girly with all the adolecent girls screaming around us and acting giddy

Rusted Root by you.

Rusted Root blew the lid off the festival, probably 10k plus present for this show

Jane Goes Global by you.

Jane goes global

Indigenous Gourd Orchestra by you.

Richmond, VA’s Indigenous Gourd Orchestra grew all their own instruments, costumes and sung all their songs about gourds… they had a great message, “Don’t be part of a consumer culture! Create something!”
Two Dryads and a Pair of Onlookers by you.

These performers were looked on with suprise by the crowd

Talking to the Performers by you.

Talking to the performers

Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band by you.

Revered Peyton and his “Big Damn Band” put on one of the most highly energized shows I’ve ever seen… working the crowd into a frenzy!

Chasing Bubbles by you.

The fans at the concerts jumped for bubbles!

Everything Floydfest is About by you.

Floydfest summarized in one image

The Avett Brothers by you.

The Avett Brothers closed out our musical adventure for the weekend. I don’t like this picture because the sunlight was horrible… but then again, I was really far away from them and point/shoot cameras have horrible zoom functionality

You can see all these pictures and more at my Flickr photoset for Floydfest 7

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Metal by Numbers

Comedian Brian Posehn adds his commentary on the sad state of popular “metal” music. I think no other video describes the pathetic trash being touted as metal as hilariously as this,

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The latest single off of Coldplay’s new album can only be better when set to dancing politicians and their antics,

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Moby vs Fried Chicken

In Moby’s latest music video, he centers on the fried chicken industry… and specifically the Colonel:

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One of the more unique music videos in recent memory, Familjen put this one together

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I’ve loved Wintergreen and this song for a long time thanks to Shifted Sound, but the music video is just plain awesome!

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