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A recent graphic from the NY Times shows the media coverage quantified as minutes of interview face time for each presidential candidate broken down by network. Fred Thompson has almost no face time except for the 101 minutes given to him by Fox News Channel. Anyone wonder why Thompson is emerging as the top candidate for the Republicans? Apparently News Corp has something to say about it…

Ron Paul was given the most face time from MSNBC and barely any network coverage, only 7 minutes from ABC. Ron Paul wouldn’t have a chance in the election if it wasn’t for services like YouTube and Google video that spread his message. And if his message is heard, it is infectious. It will be hard to stop Ron Paul if his message ever gets picked up by news outlets, that’s why a strong showing in the Straw Poll could have Ron Paul as an unstoppable political force by the end of August.

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Tyler Pratt was my 100,00th visitor! Yeah! I sat down with Tyler on Facebook and we talked about the hard hitting issues.

Me: How do you feel being the 100,000th visitor to the Inside My Mind Blog?

Tyler: I feel it is a great honor to be your 100,000 visitor I have known you
for about 10 years and to be a part of your blogs 100,000 visitor is a
great experience to be a part of.

Me: Tell me about your facebook zombie, how highly ranking is it?

Tyler: My facebook zombie has only bitten one person and is a leftenant zombie. He looks like a dead napolean haha.

Me: What movies have you seen recently?

Tyler: Well I haven’t been to the movie theaters, rented a movie, or seen one
on TV for a long time however, the last one I played on my laptop last
night was my copy of Saturday Night Fever.

Me: If the Inside my Mind Blog was an animal, what animal would it be?

Tyler: If Inside my Mind Blog was an animal it would be a dog because it is
always reliable and can be a man’s best friend if you want something
intresting to read.

Me: What are some of your favorite websites?

Tyler: My favorite websites are digg.com, ebaumsworld.com, coasttocoastam.com, facebook, officer.com, and yahoo for my mail

Thanks to Tyler for Being my 100,000th Visitor!

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I sat down (through AIM) with Marc Asbill, the creator of UNC Charlotte – The Real Lowdown to talk about my campaign and some of my goals for UNC Charlotte’s SGA over the next year. Below is a small excerpt, but be sure to visit his blog to read the whole thing,

I saw the campaign videos prepared for Justin Ritchie and Tim Ernst’s campaign, and I have to say I was very impressed not only with the videos themselves, but the forethought that goes into deciding to go to that depth when campaigning for student office. I decided to look into the two a little bit more, and I sat down and had a chat with Justin Ritchie just to see what he was all about. I must say, like his videos, I was very impressed with the man himself.

Justin possesses all the credentials that one would expect in a top tier candidate. He is graduating next year with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics, he has been a member of SGA since the very first year he was at UNC Charlotte, he has ties to the UNC Charlotte loyal, and he has a strong passion to make the school a better place when he leaves office than the day he is inaugurated.

Continued at UNC Charlotte – The Real Lowdown blog

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