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Why should we be linked to a fiat money based economy based on scarcity? Why do we force people out of jobs when machines make our lives easier instead of just shortening workdays?

Are there solutions to breaking free from this paradigm?

Those are just a few of the questions answered by Zeitgeist: Addendum.

I was hooked from the start when Jiddu Krishnamurti’s philosophies were given prominence.

This is a movie that everyone must watch. I’m not kidding, it is the best documentary I’ve ever seen.

I downloaded it via bittorrent but you can also view it on google video which I’m linking to here. Enjoy and prepare to view the world in an entirely new way.

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A Microsoft Surface parody that puts it all on the table,

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Let’s be honest, there is 51% of the US population that dresses up in Halloween costumes for one reason and one reason only… I’ll let you guess what that reason is. While you are thinking of that reason, you can watch this video.

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A recent post on Tubewad reminded me how much I love Arrested Development, it also compiled some awesome GOB Bluth Youtube videos…

Steve Holt is a bastard

I made a huge mistake, I had you Steve Holt

Don’t consummate the marriage

The Final Countdown

Franklin the Puppet

F*** City

Don’t **** or **** in this office

Seriously, check out the original post, it is full of amazing annotations that explicitly elaborate on how awesome GOB Bluth really is

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After the arena implosion the road trip continued to watch the 49 ers take on the #9  USC Gamecocks in Columbia. The first thing that shocked me about Columbia was that they had a confederate flag on their capitol building and that all the Republican candidates were campaigning hard. In Charlotte I had yet to see any physical publicity from the GOP presidential hopefuls.

Then we headed over to a sports bar to wait away the rain delay. Once the rain cleared up the weather was great, and fortunately we had tickets in a section full of Niner fans.


Gamecock security told the Charlotte 49ers biggest fan Uh-Huh guy to shut up or get kicked out… that was more than just a little unfair when Cock fans were hurling profanities at us the whole game


The stadium reached full capacity by game start time, it was loud and full of energy

In NC Carolina means UNC-CH

The 49ers were pumped

Unfortunately the Niners lost… then crushed NC State and then lost again to USC.  It’s been a great season, the best in Niner history, but the Gamecocks rarely lose at home and it was a tough task, but we still gave them a run for their money. I’m proud to be a 49er fan and I’ve loved every minute of the awesome season. I couldn’t have been happier crushing NC State twice. There are a lot of Wolfpack fans that are incredibly cocky about their athletic programs… for no reason at all. So to stick it to them made it all worth it.

I will draw a lot of hateful comments from USC fans from this but I wasn’t really impressed with Columbia or the USC campus. I don’t think I would enjoy going there very much which is all fine because I’m sure there are a lot of people that do.

Overall it was a great roadtrip… except for the fact that I had to leave for PARI the next morning at 8am, a 3 hour drive and packing. Yikes, that’s a whole new story.

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Wow, this is so amazing

Originally from Lifehacker

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