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Why should we be linked to a fiat money based economy based on scarcity? Why do we force people out of jobs when machines make our lives easier instead of just shortening workdays?

Are there solutions to breaking free from this paradigm?

Those are just a few of the questions answered by Zeitgeist: Addendum.

I was hooked from the start when Jiddu Krishnamurti’s philosophies were given prominence.

This is a movie that everyone must watch. I’m not kidding, it is the best documentary I’ve ever seen.

I downloaded it via bittorrent but you can also view it on google video which I’m linking to here. Enjoy and prepare to view the world in an entirely new way.

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All conspiracies combined into one crazy movie. Download the full HD video at the official website but do yourself a favor by watching at least the first half on youtube.

Part 1
Part 2

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It is scary and weird enough being basically alone out in the middle of a forest full of bigfoot and UFO sightings on the site of a former NASA tracking station that was converted into a top secret government research facility sometimes… but then crazy people start sending you letters and you just get weirded out even more. We received this letter at PARI last Thursday and I agreed to post about it online to see if anyone knew anything about it.

The gist of the letter is this: There is someone or some entity out there that can connect to our minds using a satellite to send emotions and feelings to people. This allows “them” to see through out eyesight and track us like a GPS receiver is on us at all times. Microsoft knows how to connect this information to our minds. Someone stole this technology from Microsoft and is misusing it to hurt people.

The letter appears to be a plea for us to try to detect them using our radio telescopes.

The guy also sent an article about technology that allows brainwaves to be displayed on a computer… or something to that effect

Could we find “them” using our on site equipment?

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The Daily Paul blog has compiled all the highlights of the Republican debate this morning… which coincidentally is basically everything Ron Paul said (except for some really great comments by Mike “I Heart” Huckabee). But there was a big problem with today’s debate and that is the continual censorship of the Ron Paul campaign. What do Americans want?

While speaking
to a woman the other day that had never heard of Ron Paul, she stated
“My goodness, he is amazing. He is the best kept secret of this presidential
campaign.” She could not believe there was a contender who represented
everything she wanted in a presidential candidate and more. (For those
of you who have not yet heard, Ron Paul is running for President.) She
talked about wanting to end the war in Iraq. Ron
Paul has promised to do that immediately and not leave a soldier
behind. She talked about wanting a more secure border. Ron Paul has
stated that he wants very strong
borders and he was appalled that our government had taken border
guards off of our borders to send them to Iraq. She mentioned she is
treading water financially and never seems to get ahead. Ron Paul has
a solution for that too: end
the fiat money system so Congress cannot create
monetary inflation. Well, what about privacy she asked? She felt
we have moved into an age of Big Brother. Ron Paul wants to protect
our privacy by sticking to a strict Constitutionalist policy. He wants
to end the
Patriot Act that allows the government to enter your home without
a warrant and without notifying you so you know they were there. Dr.
Paul wants to end
the destruction of habeas corpus, the only doctrine we have that
lets you see a lawyer if you land in jail. Without it, all other rights
are meaningless. Dr. Paul has voted against every attempt to regulate
and control
the Internet. He believes that the Constitution does not
give Congress a right to decide who may or may not marry, or what drugs
a physician may or may not prescribe. Ron Paul believes in limited
Federal government and limited taxes: he even wants to end
the Income tax. (Can you imagine taking home your whole paycheck?)

So why is it that ABC reset the Republican Debate poll on their website? The poll asking who won the debate was almost entirely in favor of Dr. Paul yet ABC apparently decided that wasn’t what America really thought…

ABC TV apparently reset its tally of who won the Republican debate
it broadcast on August 5, Sunday morning.
At 10 AM EST, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex) was winning the debate with
over 1,000 votes. Mitt Romney was next with 106. After the debate at
approximately 11:10 AM EST when the tally was rechecked, ABC showed
Ron Paul had just 445 votes. Second was “Nobody Won. I’m
Voting Democratic.”
Of course, it could all be an innocent gliche, and perhaps ABC will
explain these tallies or see fit to rectify them. But it has long been
FMNN’s contention, along with others, that Ron Paul, an old fashioned
Jeffersonian conservative, would serve as a metaphor and magnifying
glass for America’s current political difficulties and expanding


So what did ABC think Americans didn’t like?

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In honor of Michael Vick’s indictment for committing a federal conspiracy I have posted this youtube video,

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Who started facebook? Why was facebook started?

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