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This parody is so spot on.

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Windows Vista has been continually bashed on the internet by a lot of people because it is,

a) Different than XP

b) Incompatible, because hardware manufacturers did a poor job of supporting it from the start, even though more hardware manufacturers supported it than did XP when it was released

And so over the past year people have posted articles on how to Upgrade to XP from Windows Vista or why you should switch to mac or etc… I don’t love Microsoft and I don’t hate Apple. I have used OSX and Ubuntu extensively and even have them set up on partitions on my home desktop because every operating system has strengths and weaknesses. But one operating system has stood out in reliability and features from both of the others and that OS is Vista.

It dosen’t crash, apps don’t lock up, I never have to restart, tons of apps run in the background for me doing various things and it just keeps on going. Perhaps my system is just abnormally stable or something but Vista really is a great OS and it goes toe to toe with OSX on every feature and capability. It is taboo to say something like that but I’ll put it out there. I still think OSX is better for the average user, but for power users there is no better OS than Vista.

My stint of Vista uptime ended last night when I restarted to install Vista SP1 and so the time ended at 16d 21h and 27s. SP1 is even faster than before and some of the upgrades are awesome. I highly doubt I’ll be restarting anytime soon.

 My Google Desktop uptime gadget tracks the time since last reboot

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Now that I’m on winter break from college I have the time to experiment with my computing equipment. My goal was first to upgrade to Vista SP1 RC1 because I already had Vista installed, just to test things out. My system config was Vista and Ubuntu loaded using GRUB.

After the install of Vista SP1 completed I quickly discovered that because some hackers had been fooling around with the Vista bootloader, MS decided to only allow the Vista bootloader when starting Windows. GRUB had been corrupted and I couldn’t access Ubuntu or Vista, even from the GRUB command line.

I tried reinstalling GRUB and still no luck. The SP1 install was nasty! I restored my hard drive using Windows Complete PC Restore and everything was as good as before. I then erased Ubuntu and set aside two extra partitions other than my main partition on my main hard disk. I installed UPHUCK v1.4r3 OSX on one partition and everything worked fine except for my CD Drive. I then installed Ubuntu Gutsy and everything worked fine. After that I loaded the Vista installer from the CD and ran Bootsec.exe /fixmbr then Bootsec.exe /fixboot to restore my Vista Bootloader.

The final step was to install Acronis OS Selector to provide a bootloader GUI for the operating systems. I booted into Vista and ran the install. Then after restarting AOSS loaded and I had a visual menu of operating systems to decide from! But now I’m done with OSX Tiger and waiting for iATKOS v1.0i OSX Leopard to download so that I can truly utilize the latest OS technology on my machine.

Thanks to my roomate Marcus for providing me with a Wireless Card that works in all 3 OS!

After I get Leopard to install, I’ll virtualize XP and Ubuntu inside OSX so I’ll be down to 2 operating systems.

Why so many OSs?

Vista for games, documents, and music
OSX for iLife, iWork and virtualization
Ubuntu for linux
XP for vista-incompatible software that updates ringtones on my phone and syncs with my pedometer

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I really like Apple products. I think Apple does a great job marketing to a specific user base and due to that they have sparked timeless loyalty among their fans. That being said, I was not impressed with the Leopard feature set when it was revealed. Apple is trying too much to copy Windows Vista with their latest OS release. Adding random transparency and glowy effects is the job of MS developers. And what happens when Apple tries to copy Windows? OSX gets ugly. Here are some of the big gripes that some users have had with the current release of Leopard.

This massive drop shadow obstructs windows

Glowy dots look cheesy

A lame attempt to implement Aero

Powder blue accents along with transparency? That’s just ugly

Check out the original article at Mac News Online


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