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From a flash rave in the library on Decemeber 16th during finals,

The quick summary and then the full thing:

I’m looking forward to graduation on Saturday but I’ll sure miss my undergraduate school.

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This week’s Smart Cities podcast includes a discussion on Wikiplanning (a wiki for community feedback on public projects) with UNC Charlotte Arts + Architecture professor and Director of Charlotte Community Design, Deb Ryan.

Jane had Deb Ryan as a professor back in her Sophomore year so as I sat down to listen to this week’s episode of Smart Cities, I was pleasantly surprised when Ryan appeared on the show.

This interview was particularly spectacular for me because I used the Wikiplanning software when I weighed on the light rail line through NoDa. (The pilot project Dr. Ryan refers to in the interview). Thought Wikiplanning was very adept at receiving feedback and would be an incredible tool for public policy makers as they make community decisions.

Dr. Ryan goes on to say that the people at community meetings often aren’t a true cross-section of the public opinon. She describes that the Wikiplanning software revealed a large silent majority that were very supportive of many city planned ideas.

If you are interested in city development or Charlotte development it is definitely worth a listen, the interview starts around the 30′ mark.

One of my many photos of Uptown Charlotte

One of my many photos of Uptown Charlotte

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If this photo wins, I’ll get $500 (which means dinner is on me) and UNC Charlotte gets $2,000 which I’ll recommend they use to start an efficiency fund.

What is an efficiency fund you ask? Facilities would implement $2,000 worth of upgrades that provide a quick rate of return. The money saved goes back into the pot to use in more efficiency upgrades. (Thus starting a snowball effect). An example: Lights in all the exit signs are replaced with CFLs or LEDs. If it saves $1,000 a year, that $1,000 goes to buy more efficient lighting, windows, low-flow water fixtures etc…

This is all stuff that facilities usually doesn’t get money for.

By voting you will be helping me, UNC Charlotte and the if facilities is able to implement an efficiency fund, the environment.

The survey doesn’t display the individual photos but here is the photo you are voting on,

I am competing in the “Which campus has the most characteristic architecture” category and the option to choose this photo is “UNC” (University of North Carolina- Charlotte)

Here is the link to the survey,


Here is the link to the other photos,


Thanks for your vote! It means a lot! 🙂

Winners will be announced December 15th. Win or lose, I’ll post or link to the results here.

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This Thursday marks the first and only public exhibition for the Charlotte 49er Men’s Bball team vs. Phfiffphefr (or something spelled like that).

I’m excited for many reasons about this upcoming season but I’ll explain those later and just let this video explain,

(note: the last dunk in the video was chosen by ESPN as “Dunk of the Year”)

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A new Bev Purdue ad targets Mayor Pat on the issue of urban preferences. It claims that McCrory would take money away from the rural parts of the state and give it to Charlotte.

True or not, this ad exemplifies the kind of divisive philosophy that has torn up our state for so long. It shouldn’t be about city vs. country. What’s good for Charlotte is good for NC and vice versa.

My favorite tidbit from the NC governor’s election came from Mike Munger on WFAE’s Charlotte Talks as he talked about how we subsidize sprawl in the state by allowing state representatives to take pork money back to their districts. We have to build density in the state to reduce the costs that sprawled infrastructure is having on society, but also we need to take care of our rural areas.

Let’s stop with the rivalries NC. It isn’t Charlotte v Raleigh or Charlotte v Asheville. We need everyone to survive the changing economy.

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Just because there are a few hundred free parking spots sitting across from campus, that doesn’t mean UNC Charlotte students should use them to get to class.

Or at least so says the management of the Mallard Pointe Shopping Center (tenants include Kohls and Bloom on Tryon across from the CRI campus). Long the home for those that wished to go to class at Duke Centinneal Hall and Grigg Hall but didn’t want to pay nearly $300 for a campus parking pass. 

Starting tomorrow, signs will be posted and security will be towing those seen walking from their cars across to the campus. 

The reason I care about this is because I have two classes this semester one on Mondays and Wednesday, one on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Just enough classes that I need to be on campus everyday for a few hours, but not enough to justify the purchase of a $300 parking pass. For the first few weeks of school I played frogger across HWY 29 to take advantage of the free parking until I discovered… other parking options. Good luck to those now forced to explore other parking spots. 

Here is the original announcement as sent to me via email, 


The owners of Mallard Pointe are going to be posting permanent signs tomorrow in their parking lot that will state no parking by University students and will be towed. The y have security that will be observing people and if they see someone parking and then crossing the street to CRI will call the towing company.

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I was in the Mint Street parking deck yesterday signing up for a new monthly pass for the work I’ll be doing Uptown when my manager (who was with me) asked the deck manager a question, “Are you guys full these days?”

Then deck manager responded, “We were all the way to capacity until the rail opened, now we are down to about 50%”

That was a great point for me because even though I live on the North side of town, totally opposite the rail line, it still helps me out. People who would have given me a difficult time in parking are now riding the rail, freeing up parking spots for me.

I’m definately excited about the Northeast extension opening in a few years!

Lynx in Charlotte after Elite 8 UL vs UNC at Bobcats Arena by you.

The LYNX Blue Line after one of the NCAA Tourney games in Charlotte earlier this year

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