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Got a mailer from the Republican Party the other day. It was covered in flags and the myths that we Americans like to perpetuate. Like “Al-Qaeda continues to attack innocent victims in all corners of the world”, “Only one party is committed to keeping America safe.” “Defeating evil. Securing Freedom”

While I believe our government and both presidential candidates are likely just part of the overwhelming corporatocracy, I still can’t believe that one party would try to distance themselves so far from the facts… or that it even works.

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Why should we be linked to a fiat money based economy based on scarcity? Why do we force people out of jobs when machines make our lives easier instead of just shortening workdays?

Are there solutions to breaking free from this paradigm?

Those are just a few of the questions answered by Zeitgeist: Addendum.

I was hooked from the start when Jiddu Krishnamurti’s philosophies were given prominence.

This is a movie that everyone must watch. I’m not kidding, it is the best documentary I’ve ever seen.

I downloaded it via bittorrent but you can also view it on google video which I’m linking to here. Enjoy and prepare to view the world in an entirely new way.

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Just because there are a few hundred free parking spots sitting across from campus, that doesn’t mean UNC Charlotte students should use them to get to class.

Or at least so says the management of the Mallard Pointe Shopping Center (tenants include Kohls and Bloom on Tryon across from the CRI campus). Long the home for those that wished to go to class at Duke Centinneal Hall and Grigg Hall but didn’t want to pay nearly $300 for a campus parking pass. 

Starting tomorrow, signs will be posted and security will be towing those seen walking from their cars across to the campus. 

The reason I care about this is because I have two classes this semester one on Mondays and Wednesday, one on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Just enough classes that I need to be on campus everyday for a few hours, but not enough to justify the purchase of a $300 parking pass. For the first few weeks of school I played frogger across HWY 29 to take advantage of the free parking until I discovered… other parking options. Good luck to those now forced to explore other parking spots. 

Here is the original announcement as sent to me via email, 


The owners of Mallard Pointe are going to be posting permanent signs tomorrow in their parking lot that will state no parking by University students and will be towed. The y have security that will be observing people and if they see someone parking and then crossing the street to CRI will call the towing company.

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Raleigh native Kris Hixson was recently banned from selling this t-shirt design by his home city for its apparently offensive design,

raleigh t-shirt photo

Convention center officials rejected his application to sell the
merchandise at the center’s Raleigh World Wide Expo, an exhibit to be
held inside the $221 million building as the celebration goes on
outside. Out of applications from 250 vendors, Hixson’s was the only
one that was refused — out of fear that powerful Queen City types
might get offended, he says.

“I hated to, but he needs to
understand it’s in poor taste,” said Michelle Boyette, the convention
center’s special events sales manager. She said center officials want
only positive messages at the opening celebration.

might think Raleigh is greater than Charlotte, but that’s not cool,”
she said, adding that Mecklenburg County officials have been invited to
the expo.

Additionally, Mr. Hixson was quoted in the article as saying,

“If you’re from Raleigh and move to Charlotte, something is wrong with you,” he said. “Stay in Raleigh. Don’t sell out.”

Which is funny because I thought the shirt originally meant that everyone from Raleigh wanted to move to Charlotte… that it was an arrow instead of a “greater-than” symbol.

I say let the man sell his t-shirts. It’s classless homerism but It’s stuff like this that is the only reason people “love” Raleigh so much. Ah, Raleigh. Home of suburban big box stores, countless clueless college kids. All subsidized by NC taxpayers money. The most overrated place in NC and maybe even the whole southeast.

For example, Raleigh recently had an exhibit showcasing the works of revolutionary French impressionist artist Claude Monet which drew 250,000+ people to the local event. An oft cited example for those that think Raleigh has more “soul” than the “yuppie city of Charlotte”. Yet on the recent Charlotte Talks episode previewing some of the CLT 2008-2009 cultural scene scene, host Mike Collins asked why CLT didn’t get the exhibit. Guest Perry Tannenbaum, editor of Charlotte’s Creative Loafing, said that Charlotte would get those events but that the limiting factor was money. Raleigh had used NC taxpayer money to bring the exhibit to the city! Outrageous!

The only reason Raleigh has anything is because of inappropriately allocated taxes! I’ll let some of the comments from the Observer article illustrate my point… and just throw down on Raleigh in general,

posted by jmb at 3:05pm: This t-shirt is just getting out in the open what NC politicians have
been voting for for years. When there are tax $ available for roads
etc., which cities get them? Not Charlotte!

posted by HowardBeale at 11:03am: If you don’t think that Raleigh is greater, take your car and drive around. They have the roads of a “world class city”.

posted by Charlottecollector at 3:20pm: Yeah, “Raleigh Durham, Chapel Hill”…it takes three of them to even come close to one of us.

posted by x2c4me at 2:05pm: Re tard > Kris Hixson

posted by JamesQC at 12:26pm: Albany > NYC

Its kinda like somebody implying that although
obviously thats much larger scale. Raleigh natives think as residents
of the capital city of North Carolina, their city should automatically
be the greatest. But as luck would have it, Charlotte became the
booming city of the state (of the Carolinas actually). It really eats
them up.

posted by pintobeans at 12:24pm: I bet those shirts are made in Indonesia by laid off Pillowtex workers.

posted by kapzx at 12:09:31pm: Laughable. In addition, Concord > Durham.

postedby bbfmom2 at 11:53am: What a jerk. North Carolina would benefit from teamwork rather than
one-upsmanship between the two cities. Raleigh would do well to
remember that in the new world economy, Charlotte financially carries
the state.

He sounds like a spoiled, bratty teenager.

posted by bikerchick at 11:46am: Raleigh should be greater than Charlotte. The sucking sound you hear is
Charlotte’s tax dollars going to the liberal goofballs working for
government and education in the Triangle.

posted by cltnative at 11:20am: People who are from places other than Raleigh ususally call it
“Raleigh/Durham”. You know, after the airport. This would be like
talking about Charlotte and accidentally calling it

That’s about all you need to know about Raleigh’s stature in the world.

Hixson truly wants to stir up a debate though, on his youtube channel he posts this call for videos to fan the flames,

Honestly I don’t care if Raleigh is greater than Charlotte. It would be like comparing Atlanta to Macon. Austin to Lubbock. DC to Roanoke. Maybe Hixson will catch on and take it in a Raleigh v Wilmington direction.

Charlotteans must feeling the heat. The musicians are so much better at lyricism over there,

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Apparently there is another Justin Ritchie out there… and he got in a wreck in Idaho,

On Sunday there were two separate traffic accidents that required deputies and ambulance crews.

The first accident occurred around 2 p.m. north of the Sandhills Resort and involved a Honda bullet bike driven by Justin Ritchie of Idaho Falls. Ritchie was traveling north on the Red Road.

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It is scary and weird enough being basically alone out in the middle of a forest full of bigfoot and UFO sightings on the site of a former NASA tracking station that was converted into a top secret government research facility sometimes… but then crazy people start sending you letters and you just get weirded out even more. We received this letter at PARI last Thursday and I agreed to post about it online to see if anyone knew anything about it.

The gist of the letter is this: There is someone or some entity out there that can connect to our minds using a satellite to send emotions and feelings to people. This allows “them” to see through out eyesight and track us like a GPS receiver is on us at all times. Microsoft knows how to connect this information to our minds. Someone stole this technology from Microsoft and is misusing it to hurt people.

The letter appears to be a plea for us to try to detect them using our radio telescopes.

The guy also sent an article about technology that allows brainwaves to be displayed on a computer… or something to that effect

Could we find “them” using our on site equipment?

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In a recent Charlotte Observer article on UNC Charlotte’s Master Plan open forum for the community, one of the participants was quoted as saying,

“Students who are 18 to 21 years old really don’t make the best
neighbors,” said Richmond Baker of the Wyndham Place neighborhood.
“They are really disruptive to communities near school.”

I think this quotation exemplifies the attitude regarding UNC Charlotte’s growth among the community. Two years ago when I attended an open forum hosted by University City representative on Charlotte City Council, Mike Barnes, there were many angry residents complaining of various things but after 2 and a half hours no one mentioned UNC Charlotte once. Not even once. The reality of the situation is that UNC Charlotte was here 60 years ago and it will be here 60 years from now. If you don’t like the fact that students will live in and around a university then you need to move.

This university is completely irrelevant in the minds of the people that live within a 2 mile radius of it. It is a great school. It has a great educational environment along with world class facilities and faculty. Tons of accomplished alums are continuing successful careers and 5 of the Fortune 500 CFOs graduated from here. Why do people completely ignore it?

There is a stigma attached to UNC Charlotte’s abbreviation, UNCC. It sounds like a community college. Like CPCC. RCCC. GTCC. Also, and it frustrates members of the university administration to no end, but until we have football and we change our given name (a full name change is not necessary, just change the name we call ourselves) the community will continue to view us as irrelevant.

Light rail to campus in 5-6 years from uptown and a building in center city will help. The first truly urban university building in the state of NC will be quite an accomplishment. However, the citizens of Charlotte must have an emotional connection to the campus. Charlotte can’t own the school until they can focus on the campus instead of the “University of North Carolina” and citizens won’t love the school until they play football.

I wish it could be another way but to believe that it was would be denial.

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