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Browsing through my LiveScience.com RSS feed always provides me with interesting reading material, today I perused an article entitled “Circumcision Removes Most Sensitive Parts” which details how researchers compiled a “penile sensitivity map” and “prodded dozens of male penises” (as if there were another type of penis) in order to test penile sensitivity before and after circumcision. It would be a rough job to be the man with the penis being prodded, but imagine being the researcher,

Ok sir, I need you to drop your pants while I poke your genitles with this large needle

Fun times indeed. But the researchers didn’t do that just once, they did it many times. But then again, research has to be done somehow right?

I don’t see a painless way that researchers could have gone about gathering the data needed…

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Over on the Truthteller Blog, I noticed a great article about finding the passion that drives your life. This is one of the concepts I’ve been fortunate enough to grasp while I’m in college, many people don’t discover this until much later in life. He sums up a lot of great points about why finding passion is important, but also he lists a few important questions to ask yourself in order to find your passion.

*What did you want to be as a child?

* What are you good at?

* What do you daydream about?

* What are the things you really enjoy doing?

* What have you always dreamed about doing but never told anyone?

* Who do you envy and why?

You will know by the energy you get from it. If you are passionate you won’t have any problems with procrastination or lack of energy.

“If you can’t put your heart into it,

then find something else”


These are very good points, and it takes me back to when I read Dr. Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. One of the most important tidbits of information I got from that book was that happiness isn’t something that you “obtain”. If you find yourself striving for happiness then you will never find it. This is the biggest problem facing American culture… so fundamental that it is worded in the US constitution. Being happy is a by-product of enjoying what you are doing. The more people that can realize this fact, the quicker
 we can shed the mainstream cycle of depression and un-fulfillment.


Thrills and excitement! Easy things to achieve if you are passionate about what you are doing.

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Disclaimer:  The website listed in this post is not intended to be used for circumvention of security and fees at music/sporting venues

With this ticket generator you can generate awesome tickets that are fully customizable. What can it be used for besides fraud? Um… cool signatures for message boards?


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Free 60GB iPod Contest

The owner of this blog and this ipod is planning on giving the 60gb video ipod away to one random and lucky blogger that links to his site. Should be quite an interesting experiment on web traffic.

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I originally found this on Lifehacker. It’s a tutorial that details how to take a few cheap tools, specifically a zip-loc bag and make a camera case out of it when you plan on going canoeing or to the beach.

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Lifehacker has posted a list of some great productivity tools.

One major highlight, DIY Planner

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On every podcast roundup I will highlight a few of the podcasts I’ve listened to and detail one that really stood out.

Today I listened to,
Buzz Out Loud
and most suprisingly,
Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything

On the Theory of Everything, Benjamen Walker details Operation Real World, an alleged CIA operation to replace all of hollywood with reality shows to remove the liberal bias in the media. Maybe it is true, maybe its not. I can’t find any other references to an Operation Real World so I can’t independantly support any of the claims.

The biggest accusation Mr. Walker makes is that John Ritter was about to expose this scheme and then died right before he planned on releasing his findings, implying that his death was actually a CIA hit. Crazy stuff, but a good listen. Take it with a grain of salt however.

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