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The Walking Dead story continues where the third book left off with the inevitable confrontation between our heroes currently housed in the prison and the disgusting (redneck) camp from last issue. The story continues to become more entangled by its ever growing cast, diverging into a zombie survivor soap opera at some points during some slow paced parts… but that was just the necessary set-up for the bludgeon of an ending. Wow. I’m shocked disgusted and horrified. In some ways it was hitting a reboot button on the characters, in some ways it was simply the natural progression of the story. But it was completely in style with what I’ve come to expect from Kirkman’s Walking Dead.

If you’ve enjoyed the first three books, how could you stop reading there? Pick up the fourth one for an equally tragic continuation of humanity’s life after the apocalypse.

Making this story more interesting was the recent C-Realm Podcast discussion on Zombie fiction as a reflection of latent societal fears of human nature. Walking Dead follows in line with all good zombie stories, the atrocities committed by humans against each other overshadow the disgusting yet rather straightforward motivation of the walking undead themselves. Perhaps the greatest horror is the revelation that humans may be the true soulless sacks of meat, simply with more complex reasons for acting. The Walking Dead is the best zombie story I’ve ever experienced and I’m not sure how much more my stomach can take. But for now, bring on the 5th hardcover collection Robert Kirkman!

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