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Current RPI: 191 (-2 from last game’s RPI of 189)

Changes: The Niners defeated the Youngstown St. Penguins of the Horizon League by 20 in dominating fashion. Clearly a different 49ers team than the group that lost at the buzzer to teams equally futile to Y’town. Lutz is minimizing substitutions now as he appears to have a feel for how each player fits into the lineup. The Penguins were a very inferior opponent and never really threatened to take control of the game.

My Thoughts: Lamont Mack returned to lackluster play after breaking it open vs. Miss St. in the previous week. However, Dijuan Harris had a career game, finally pulling up to take the shot instead of passing as he went perfect from the floor scoring 20. Those twenty points were the difference in the game. The Niners hit 100 pts. in a regular season game for the first time since they lost in 3OT vs. #22 Alabama my freshman year… four years ago. I would continue to be optimistic about the improvement of the team if An’Juan Wilderness, the 3rd leading scorer wasn’t out for the next two weeks with a stress fracture.

Ugh. Right when we were making progress after losing 2 of our top three guards at the start of the season, we lose another top guy. I’ve now got to re-adjust my outlook on the season. I think we’ll take down Long Island to go 5-6 but at Maryland on the 3rd is now the definition point of the season. Can we beat an NCAA caliber team? Without our top defensive presence? I’m not very confident.

I’m down in Lousiana where everyone is getting hyped up about UL-Lafayette’s Ragin’ Cajuns taking on #18 Tennesee so I won’t be in Halton for the Long Island game. Hopefully I can catch it on internet radio or Uttervision via NNN.net shoutbox.

Data based on Sagarin Ratings via RPIForecast.com,

Probability of NCAA Tourney at-large bid (40 or lower RPI) = .03%<

Most probable end of season record = 14-16

I’ll be posting an RPI update for the Charlotte 49ers after every game (once data is available). You can subscribe to these updates without reading menial stories from my life by subscribing to this RSS feed. I will be launching a 49ers sports only blog in the next few months to cover this kind of information so you won’t have to read all this other stuff for too long.

Dec 28th RPI

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UNC Charlotte Flash Rave

Photo credit: Alex Krohn via Erby’s Blog

Inside the Atkins Library during the exam  flash rave. I thought this was a spectacular picture so I had to post it here. Thanks for finding it Erby! And thanks to Alex for taking it! 

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