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If this photo wins, I’ll get $500 (which means dinner is on me) and UNC Charlotte gets $2,000 which I’ll recommend they use to start an efficiency fund.

What is an efficiency fund you ask? Facilities would implement $2,000 worth of upgrades that provide a quick rate of return. The money saved goes back into the pot to use in more efficiency upgrades. (Thus starting a snowball effect). An example: Lights in all the exit signs are replaced with CFLs or LEDs. If it saves $1,000 a year, that $1,000 goes to buy more efficient lighting, windows, low-flow water fixtures etc…

This is all stuff that facilities usually doesn’t get money for.

By voting you will be helping me, UNC Charlotte and the if facilities is able to implement an efficiency fund, the environment.

The survey doesn’t display the individual photos but here is the photo you are voting on,

I am competing in the “Which campus has the most characteristic architecture” category and the option to choose this photo is “UNC” (University of North Carolina- Charlotte)

Here is the link to the survey,


Here is the link to the other photos,


Thanks for your vote! It means a lot! 🙂

Winners will be announced December 15th. Win or lose, I’ll post or link to the results here.

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