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The UK government cares about its drunk citizens. As demonstrated by its recent grant allocated for handing flip-flops to the tipsy femmes that can’t balance.

From the St. Petersburg Times Via @eyecharlotte

British resort firmly behind free flip-flops

One of the biggest societal problems facing the people of the British resort town of Torbay is: How do drunk women walk home from a party on high heels? Thanks to a government grant, that problem is being tackled. Volunteers will be deployed to hand out free flip-flops to anyone who can’t walk at the elevation their shoes would mandate, or anyone who simply lost their shoes. Apparently, that happens a lot. Officials hope this will cut down on calls to paramedics. “Let’s not make it gender specific,” police inspector Adrian Leisk said. “There are plenty of times when young men go out and lose their footwear, if you know what I mean.” No, but we’ll accept that it is a big problem.

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