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I’ve been meaning to write up a blog post on my trip to Austria but the technology transfer office between Austria and the US beat me to it.

North Carolina, famous for the first successfully powered and human-piloted airplane flight by the Wright Brothers, is starting to take off with a new claim to fame: bio-energy production. In September, the Austrian Consulate of the Carolinas under the leadership of Honorary Consul Robert Friedl proposed that the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) and other representatives from the North Carolina, Charlotte Region, send a delegation to Austria to gather information on available bio-energy technologies as well as to establish the foundations for any potential collaboration.

The Charlotte Delegation to Austria included representatives from:
  • University of North Carolina Charlotte

  • Duke Energy

  • Charlotte City Council

  • Centralina Government

  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities

  • Gaston County Utilities

  • Craigland Farms

  • City of Mt. Holly & Gaston Chamber of Commerce

  • Catawba County Government

  • Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

  • Appalachian State University

The Austrian Honorary Consulate, Charlotte, initiated the concept of the delegation mission trip in 2007.  The Consulate had contacted UNCC for assistance in collecting information for remodeling an old cotton mill into development offices for Austrian companies that focused on renewable energy processes and were interested in expanding to the US.  At the time, UNCC was in the process of expanding their department of engineering to include a doctoral program for sustainable energy as well as developing a new Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) .  As it turned out, this provided a perfect opportunity for the Charlotte region to further promote its claim as a global leader in energy production by taking a lesson or two from another leader in energy production – Austria .

Main Street in Austria

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