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Why should we be linked to a fiat money based economy based on scarcity? Why do we force people out of jobs when machines make our lives easier instead of just shortening workdays?

Are there solutions to breaking free from this paradigm?

Those are just a few of the questions answered by Zeitgeist: Addendum.

I was hooked from the start when Jiddu Krishnamurti’s philosophies were given prominence.

This is a movie that everyone must watch. I’m not kidding, it is the best documentary I’ve ever seen.

I downloaded it via bittorrent but you can also view it on google video which I’m linking to here. Enjoy and prepare to view the world in an entirely new way.

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A new Bev Purdue ad targets Mayor Pat on the issue of urban preferences. It claims that McCrory would take money away from the rural parts of the state and give it to Charlotte.

True or not, this ad exemplifies the kind of divisive philosophy that has torn up our state for so long. It shouldn’t be about city vs. country. What’s good for Charlotte is good for NC and vice versa.

My favorite tidbit from the NC governor’s election came from Mike Munger on WFAE’s Charlotte Talks as he talked about how we subsidize sprawl in the state by allowing state representatives to take pork money back to their districts. We have to build density in the state to reduce the costs that sprawled infrastructure is having on society, but also we need to take care of our rural areas.

Let’s stop with the rivalries NC. It isn’t Charlotte v Raleigh or Charlotte v Asheville. We need everyone to survive the changing economy.

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