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Just because there are a few hundred free parking spots sitting across from campus, that doesn’t mean UNC Charlotte students should use them to get to class.

Or at least so says the management of the Mallard Pointe Shopping Center (tenants include Kohls and Bloom on Tryon across from the CRI campus). Long the home for those that wished to go to class at Duke Centinneal Hall and Grigg Hall but didn’t want to pay nearly $300 for a campus parking pass. 

Starting tomorrow, signs will be posted and security will be towing those seen walking from their cars across to the campus. 

The reason I care about this is because I have two classes this semester one on Mondays and Wednesday, one on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Just enough classes that I need to be on campus everyday for a few hours, but not enough to justify the purchase of a $300 parking pass. For the first few weeks of school I played frogger across HWY 29 to take advantage of the free parking until I discovered… other parking options. Good luck to those now forced to explore other parking spots. 

Here is the original announcement as sent to me via email, 


The owners of Mallard Pointe are going to be posting permanent signs tomorrow in their parking lot that will state no parking by University students and will be towed. The y have security that will be observing people and if they see someone parking and then crossing the street to CRI will call the towing company.

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At last weekends LSU-South Carolina game, one of the refs got a little too caught up in the moment as he took down the Gamecock’s QB. Guess he is leading ref’s in sacks this season,

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