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Last night after work I headed to Asheville with John Avery for Atmosphere’s Paint the Nation Tour. It is likely the only hip hop show I’ll ever go to that is 98% white people (that’s Asheville for ya!).

The show was a lot of fun! Atmosphere tore down the house and he was so incredibly positive its amazing. I think that stylistically, hip hop and rap has become so derogratory and demeaning towards society, women, life, etc… and Atmosphere counters all that with socially conscious lyricism that exposes the hypocricies of modern america and encourages you to smile.

At one point during the show a random kid takes another guys hat and throws it on the stage provoking a fight. Atmosphere stops the show and tells the guy that he is an idiot and that he needs to go talk to girls or something else. He then hands the hat back to the guy in the crowd. Good stuff.

It was the first show I’ve been to since last spring… I didn’t get a chance to do anything when I lived in Western NC this summer and I’ve been so busy in Charlotte I’ve missed a lot of great tours through here. I’m hoping that this one has just kicked off my fall music season!

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