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The Truth About the Bailout

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Too bad I couldn’t be there…. kudos to Marcus for these videos!

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I’ve never read anything that describes how I feel about photography more accurately than these comics from What the Duck,

First, the classic irksome compliment, like saying, “Good job on that physics exam, you must have a really good calculator and pencil”

Next, the truth about pro photography,

And last of all, the over-love of equipment. I hear all the time how I should upgrade to an SLR, and I might eventually, but true pros know the importance of simplicity.

[via Beyond Megapixles]

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I was in the Mint Street parking deck yesterday signing up for a new monthly pass for the work I’ll be doing Uptown when my manager (who was with me) asked the deck manager a question, “Are you guys full these days?”

Then deck manager responded, “We were all the way to capacity until the rail opened, now we are down to about 50%”

That was a great point for me because even though I live on the North side of town, totally opposite the rail line, it still helps me out. People who would have given me a difficult time in parking are now riding the rail, freeing up parking spots for me.

I’m definately excited about the Northeast extension opening in a few years!

Lynx in Charlotte after Elite 8 UL vs UNC at Bobcats Arena by you.

The LYNX Blue Line after one of the NCAA Tourney games in Charlotte earlier this year

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This past weekend the ACC was embarrassed in football on multiple levels. VT lost to ECU, Maryland almost lost to D1AA Delaware, NCSU is horrible, UNCCH got lucky on a few punt returns in order to beat D1AA McNeese St., Clemson was obliterated by Alabama, Wake is ranked but only beat Baylor. Basically its pathetic all around.

The ACC gets worse at football every year. It’s like how the A10 is always the mole to the Big East’s mallet. Except it is worse because the ACC gets an automatic BCS bid. Essentially every team in the SEC could win the ACC right now. Yes, I will stand by that statement.

Yet it is truly beautiful. After watching the VT v ECU game here in Charlotte with Jason Feltis, I realized that this was a golden age for UNC Charlotte to start a football team. The biggest thing in NC college football is the 3 time D1AA team that lost to LSU by about 40 points. In other words, not much to get excited about unless you love Boone, and most of the people that live there don’t even fall into that category.

With football failing across the area, the quality high school students will love the new approach the Charlotte 49ers can bring to the game. Just another reason to attend the March to the Gridiron on Sept. 16th to show UNC Charlotte Chancellor Phil Dubois that we want football! I won’t be there because I’ll be in Austria but I will definately be following it closely as I drum up 49er football support in Europe!

Representin' by you.

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My final undergraduate semester got kick started last week as I attended the 49er new year celebration. I was truly excited about the school year ahead, I have a job uptown at Duke Energy (starting Monday September 8th), I have great friends and great courses. I have a trip to Austria coming up in two weeks. Clearly a lot to get pumped for.

As I started my second day of class in Coach Hibbs’ Baseball in America, I was even more excited to hear him talk about how he would kick people out of his classroom for wearing gear from other schools. He gave a great opening day speech. I really wanted to stay in his class but I realized that I could drop it along with German to only take 6 credit hours, saving me time and freeing me up for work.

Now I am only enrolled in Thermodynamics and Quantum Mechanics. Thermodynamics should be interesting and intriguing, Dr. Elliot who teaches it is a specialist on bioenergy and is going on the trip with me and the UNC Charlotte BioEnergy Initiative to Austria. Quantum Mechanics is taught straight from the book so its easy to follow along.

I’m looking forward to graduation in a few months but I somehow feel as if my college experience is already over, no long being a full time student. When I dropped under 12 credit hours and my student fees got refunded I realized that I was no longer a traditional undergrad student. It is definately a change of lifestyle.

The 2008 Charlotte 49ers Cheerleading Squad by you.

Charlotte 49ers Cheerleaders pump up the crowd at 49er New Year

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