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I still have about 200 photos I’m editing for a future upload to Flickr as soon as ConnectedFlow fixes their FlickrExport plugin for iPhoto but in the meantime I thought I would post some of my favorite shots of the last few weeks. You can find directions to these locales and descriptions of the photos on my photography blog @ http://jritchphotography.wordpress.com/

I will still be posting evidence of my photography on this blog but i’ll mostly be linking to the other site because I like the way it presents the shots better 🙂

Courthouse Falls, an easy one to hike to

Kiesee Falls, a difficult one to hike to

Bird Rock Falls, Near my residence

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UNC Charlotte’s new front entrance will open on Thursday, June 26th providing a much needed change to the university area. The additional traffic light will slow down cars on University City Blvd. leading to a friendlier environment for pedestrians.

I received this notification today confirming the new traffic pattern,

The construction of the new
Main Entrance on Route 49 (University City Blvd) is near
completion. As a result, the new
Main Entrance will be open to incoming and outgoing traffic on Thursday,
June 26
. A traffic signal
has been installed at the new entrance and will be fully operational when the
new entrance opens. The old
entrance will no longer be accessible after the new entrance
Please inform
campus visitors of the change and use caution while adjusting to the new traffic

The old sign, pictured immediately below had been long overdue for an upgrade. An upgrade that will finally lead to an appropriate entrance for one of the largest universities in the state.


will soon be this,

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