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As the UNC Board of Governors reviews the progress of the UNC Tomorrow initiative at their June meeting, I noticed the following note on the positive updates portion of this document,

Effort – Campuses clearly took this effort seriously and put a great deal of time and energy into
developing their plans. Descriptions of campus processes, including committee structures, were
included in their reports. All went to considerable effort to include a wider array of campus groups
than is normally done in a traditional long-range planning process
NOTE: Chapel Hill is to be commended for not only heavily involving their students in their process, but going so far as to include a section of their report dedicated to prioritized initiatives that their students identified

Chapel Hill gets called out for everything positive by the board of governors. At least throughout the entire document UNC Charlotte got called out for positive aspects and program ideas that met goals established by the UNC-T initiative. Some notable examples include,

UNCC – Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC)
Why is this a good idea? Instead of focusing on the development of alternative energy sources,
this center focuses on the engineering infrastructures needed to distribute energy produced from a
variety of sources. A different and important slant.

UNCC – College Level Internationalization Plans – each of the seven colleges on campus are
now required to develop a broad-based international plan that is specifically integrated with the
college’s fields of study and designed to increase the opportunities for international understanding
by both faculty and students.

UNCC – 49ers Finish Program – Identifies and works with students in good standing who are
close to completing degrees but who have not registered fro two years to help them complete their
Why it makes sense: Cost-effective way of increasing graduation rates – attracting
former students back to campus may be more cost effective than recruiting new

UNCC – College of Education Promotion and Tenure policy – criteria for reappointment,
promotion, and tenure require evidence from each faculty member of service to practitioners and
communities, which links service to public schools to faculty promotion and tenure

Now if the 49ers can just get funding for these programs… I have a feeling most of it will be going to Chapel Hill and UNC-Raleigh.

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