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A great new commercial and campaign by Honda emphasizing their fuel efficiency,

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I spent the evening in downtown Brevard, first at the Square Root and then at Jordan Street Cafe. Square root had great drinks like the White Ale I savored with an orange and the brie, apple, pecan appetizer with Jane and her dad. Afterward, we went to Jordan Street where we had an amazing waitress who took care of all our needs and brought us our duck and new zealand lamb shank.

During dinner, I spoke about my day in preparing for the tracking telescope installation on saturday while preparing my lectures for the high school students in a few weeks… until we overheard a doctor next to us complain on the phone, “I found a feather in the veal and the steak was proposterous… the wine tasted terrible.”

The doctor then made the waiter drink the wine to ensure that it tasted good… how pretentious! Then the doctor asked the waiter what he did outside of waiting tables and the waiter said he was in the Religious Studies department at UNCCH. The doctor described how his friend majored in Religious Studies and that resulted in his managing a communal garden. Then the doctor asked if Jesus ever… “got some” and the waiter was a little unsure how to answer. The doctor said, “I bet Mary Magdeline wished she were the answer to ‘What Would Jesus Do'”. Which drew muffled laughter from Jane and I.

Finally, the doctor proclaimed that he and his hot potato (loudly proclaimed nickname for his wife) were headed out.

Haha… what a strange exchange. I hope I never become pretentious and crotchety. But basically, Brevard is a great place to enjoy a fine meal in a relaxing atmosphere with some fun people around. I’m sure I will have many more strange stories to share throughout the summer.

Ahhh… the mountains

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