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Escape Impossible

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Now that I am wrapping up my first day of Summer 2008 at Pisgah Astronomical Institute (PARI) I am definitely more positive about the experience than I was last night. Yesterday when I arrived, hardly anyone was here and then as I tried to leave to get groceries, I thought the gate was locked trapping me inside! Next, the room I was supposed to move into was the wrong one and slightly smaller than the one I had lived in last summer and so the list of disappointments went on and on… how wrong I was.

I accidentally was given the wrong room key, problem solved!

The gate was just dummy locked! I wasn’t locked in at all! (And now I have a gate key so I don’t have to worry about ever being locked out again!)

I arrived a little late in the day so many of the people had already left and today there were many more people here! (All the interns that will be living with me arrive a little later in the month)

So today I woke up and began the first day of my fitness routine, sit-ups, push-ups and running. I will be tracking everything on my handy spreadsheet created in Numbers (which is infinitely more attractive than Excel, yet less useful in a business environment) Next I packed up everything that had to go over to my office in the main building. I brought over the food I had bought at the local market Poppies food market for breakfast and began putting together a work plan for my time here.

Throughout the day I realized that there were many projects that are engaging, which was encouraging… the last thing I want to be is bored off my mind. As soon as I get my work plan finalized I’ll post my objectives. Today I primarily built the first draft of my work plan and will finalize it tomorrow which will let me plan out what I need to do to bring the Polaris Tracking Telescope up here. Site engineer Ben Goldsmith gave me a tour of the electronics systems we’ll be working on fixing and the shop guys lent me a ladder to run the ethernet cables over the ceiling into my room.

Tonight I made some Corn, Beans, Tomato, Peppers, Onions and Rice rice boiled and then steamed in a pot. Big volume, easy to make.

Radio Telescope in HDR

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