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As I was perusing the UrbanPlanet Charlotte forums as I do every day, I came across the most important overlooked and significant reason for building rail transit,

I witnessed a well dress white business man during rush hour,
suit-and-tie, sit across and talk with a black man, such as dubone
described in it’s stereotypical form, where they began talking about
football, which transformed to real estate in the banking sector. The
man worked for Wachovia and this kid, who you would have never
imagined, was wanting to do exactly what he did, got advise, and at
that very moment knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life;
go back and finish up college. You’re right justadude, I don’t think
there is anywhere else that can define American diversification molding
than what has been a result of a CAT’s light rail and possibly other
systems nationwide (not sure, this is honestly the first time I’ve
witnessed this clashing). Result of all of this… it feels good… and
I look forward to expanding my knowledge and learning about the vast
people that make up our fine city..

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