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At the Senior Design expo on Wednesday we made plans to deliver our robotic telescope mount prototype to our sponsor Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, however the only time we could all do that was if we left @ 3pm on Friday afternoon.

Here is team member Curtis and me at the Senior Design Expo with our project

Brad’s 1998 Ford Taurus was sadly the roomiest of all our cars so we decided to take it on the 3 hour drive to PARI. Everything was going fine until we started to make the climb up the mountain on I-26 and I nodded off until we all started to realize that the smoke coming out of the engine was directly related to the temperature gauge going crazy. The coolant was bubbling over and the car was heating up to the point where it would barely start even after we threw some water in it.

Fortunately we made it to a nearby gas station where we realized that we blew a head gasket after smoke shot out the exhaust. Three random people came up to say, “Looks like ya blew a head gasket” so we were quite sure that this had occurred. I had my copy of Stephen Pinker’s “The Stuff of Thought” so I was content and happy.

At the Shell Station off Exit 49A on I-26 we spent the next 8 hours, 3 and a half of which we waited for a tow truck courtesy of AAA and the next few waiting for Jane who was kind enough to pick us up. The tow truck could only hold two people so we sent Brad and Curtis back while Ulrich and I went to Golden Corral to wait for Jane.

After we got back around 1am I was rather exhausted so I just went straight to sleep. The End.

We’ll deliver the prototype to PARI probably on the 18th now, just in case you were curious.

At the Shell station on I-26 exit 49A we waited about 8 hours

Poor Brad, if only his car can last until graduation

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