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I hope to start updating frequently soon, the end of the this semester is very hectic. In the meantime, I’ve started contributing to an amazing blog in the Charlotte area, http://cltblog.com

You can follow some of my adventures on there.

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I often hear UNC Charlotte students complain that job fairs and listings are biased towards engineering students. So I was intrigued by a recent article in the NC A and T newspaper centered on the same issue,

…students have been complaining that the career fairs planned by The
Office of Career Services are not effective and that they are mainly
geared towards engineering majors.

Tracey Battle, a junior JOMC
major said, “I think it’s disturbing to know that it’s only geared to
those [engineering] majors because there are such a variety of majors
on the campus.”
Battle said she goes to the career fairs and feels
that she is at a disadvantage because the majority of the companies’
representatives are not looking for people in the field of study she
chose to pursue. Battle said she used to go to a fair designed for JOMC
majors, but she hasn’t seen it lately.

Why is it that job fairs are dominated by engineering firms? I would think that its mainly representative of the quantity of jobs in the actual market. More engineering jobs, more firms representative at job fairs. Often the blame for the lack of non-engineering jobs is placed on the career center workers, when it seems that in fact that blame is transferred unnessicarily.

Could career centers do more to encourage other types of opportunities to be present? I would think think that career centers can try to help the situation but most likely there is no solution. However, engineer or humanities majors must work hard at building careers. Engineers shouldn’t choose their major just because it ensures them a job (although many do). To have a truly successful career, every individual must pursue their true interests. As Dr. Art Jackson, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs at UNC Charlotte always tells me, “Find what you enjoy doing and turn it into a career.”

Of course, maybe having to suffer through this is worth a job.

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Engineers Explain Cats

It goes pretty much how you would expect,

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Paul’s Wild Ride

What do my roommates and I do at 1am on a Saturday night?

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In reference to starting a club football team from the UNC-Greensboro student newspaper,

 “I am disgusted at the notion of having a football team here,” said Michelle Threlkeld, a member of the Wiccan-Pagan Student Alliance. “This is an art school and the people who came here knew that. They could have gone to State if they wanted a football team.”

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Flying Penguins

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