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Amen to that! I found a Wired article this morning that sums up my last 4 years of engineering education… “The Top 5 Reasons it Sucks to be an Engineering Student”.

When I started taking classes from the Physics department I found things to be so much better. Physics professors required me to think as opposed to just memorizing jumbled diagrams and rules like my engineering classes. But I am generalizing, there have been some really good classes that I’ve taken in electrical engineering. However the majority of my experience has been like this,

5. Awful Textbooks
Thick, dry, black and white
manuscripts are rarely a source of inspiration and sometimes can cause
loads of confusion. Often, the text is poorly written and interrupted
by lengthy equations with symbols that are different from those used by
the professor during lectures.

4. Professors are Rarely Encouraging
During each
class, a professor that would rather be tending to his research will
waltz up to a blackboard or overhead projector and scribble out
equations for an hour without uttering a single sentence to create some

3. Dearth of Quality Counseling
College students
may not have a sense for how to build their resume and they might be
clueless about the variety of career opportunities that await them.
Unfortunately, some academic advisers do little more than post fliers
about internships and hand out a checklist of classes to take. They
should make some projections about the future job market, learn about
the interests of each young scholar, and offer them tailored advice for
how to best prepare themselves.

2. Other Disciplines Have Inflated Grades
engineering students may earn surprisingly low grades while slackers in
other departments score straight As for writing book reports and
throwing together papers about their favorite zombie films.

Some professors view undergraduate education as a type of natural
selection, but their analogy
is flawed. Many of the brightest students may struggle while mediocre
scholars can earn top scores because they have a larger group of
supportive friends to or more time to dedicate to studying.

1. Every Assignment Feels the Same
Nearly every
homework assignment and test question is a math problem. Only a few
courses require creativity or offer hands-on experience.


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