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There are so many things wrong with this years NCAA tourney bracket. The selection committee has increasingly become hypocritical in their method for determining at-large bids to favor bids for power-conference teams.

They say: “Hey smaller leagues, play a better non-conference schedule and we’ll consider you next year.”

So the smaller leagues do… and then quality teams like Illinois St., UMass and Dayton don’t get in.

They say: “Hey smaller leagues, do better as a conference in RPI and we’ll consider you next year.”

So the smaller leagues do… and then RPI isn’t a factor because Kansas St. gets in because Beasley needs to play OJ Mayo for ratings while Arizona State and Virginia Tech were considered bubble teams.

But the biggest problem with this years NCAA tourney is the fact that many of the quality teams from non-BCS conferences were matched up against each other in the FIRST ROUND!

South Alabama vs Butler, Davidson vs Gonzaga, Drake vs Western Kentucky, UNLV vs Kent State. 4 BCS-threatening mid-majors gone after the first round.  The seeding doesn’t even have to be changed to fix this in three of the cases. Just send the lower seeded team to a different region to face a BCS team. Then you get,

South Alabama vs WVU and Arizona vs Butler

WKU vs Clemson and Villanova vs Drake

Oregon vs UNLV and Kent St. vs Miss St.

Davidson is a little harder to swap because they should be higher than a 10 seed.

On another note, Kentucky’s Athletic Director should get investment of the year award for only spending $50k to cancel their game vs. UMass earlier this season. The Musketeers would have beaten them and likely stole their NCAA bid.

So even though Oregon, Arizona, Villanova and Kentucky got NCAA bids over deserving teams from non-BCS conferences, what is even more shocking is that the Big East is even respected as a conference by the selection committee when they use their own criteria.

I found this post on a message board from an angry Datyon fan who makes a very solid point and I simply had to re-post it here:

Originally Posted by Flyer’95 View Post
Villanova’s inclusion just sends me over the edge. I understand that dayton didn’t finish strong. I understand that. But the Big East plays the game like nobody else. Do you know how many top 50 non-con wins the entire big east conference has?Five.Read that again. As a conference, the 14 teams in the Big East beat a collective total of 5 top 50 teams in the non-conference. Total. All together. They won five.

Dayton and Xavier alone beat that many top 50 non-con teams.

The big east only beat 19 top 100 teams total in the non-conference. Yes, that’s a total. For the whole conference. Fourteen big east teams beat a grand total of 19 top 100 teams in the non conference.

We beat six top 100 teams by ourselves in the non-conference portion of the schedule.

As an entire league, they beat TWO top 25 non conference teams. That’s fourteen teams playing about 13 games each. About 182 games total. And they only won 2 non-con games against the top 25 as a conference.

Dayton beat as many non-con top 25 teams as the entire Big East.

This whole process just ****ing disgusts me. The big east continues to dodge any real challenge in the non con. They refuse to travel. They enter the conference with inflated records, and then they are rewarded for it down the stretch for beating so many ‘good’ teams. I mean, it’s a joke.

Here are all the top 100 non-con wins for the BIG EAST:

Beat: #41 SJU, #64 Cornell

St. John’s
Beat: no one

Beat: #70 miami Oh

beat: # 75 oklahoma state, #7 Duke

South Florida
Beat: #57 Florida State, #55 UAB

Beat: no one

West Virginia:
beat: #88 UMBC

Beat: #72 IUPUI, #75 ok. state, #12 Wisconsin

Notre Dame
Beat: #53 kansas state

Beat: #97 american

Beat: no one

Beat: #50 Temple, #35 Arkansas, #57 Florida State

Beat #23 UNLV, #70 Miami OH, #59 Kentucky

Seton Hall:
Beat: no one

Does anybody ever bring this up in the media? Nope. And i’m not even saying we ‘deserved’ to be in. But nova certainly did not.

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The Belk Gym Cats at UNC Charlotte have always been a concern of many students, this is their story:

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To think more objectively, become less allied.

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