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Just got an email back from Alltel customer support in response to my inquiry:

Are there any plans to upgrade the HTC Touch via a ROM Update to Windows Mobile 6.1 or to enable the GPS functionality in the phone?

If there aren’t any plans then please let me know when such additions will be considered.


– Justin

And the response:


I’m not aware of an upgrade to WM6.1; however, we are testing a ROM update with HTC which will enable GPS functionality. However, no timeframe regarding release has been made known.

Thank You,
Alltel Data Support

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Its the most wonderful time of the year. Conference tourney week.

Where even the Charlotte 49ers, after a decent non-conference slate with wins over Clemson, Wake Forest, Davidson, Southern Illinois, etc… and where twenty-one of 30 games have been decided by seven points or less; 11 by four or less points, have a legitimate shot at the NCAA tourney. Sure,  the season might end in an NIT bid, but that is good ending for a team that lost everyone last year and gained 8 new players.

Charlotte woulda coulda shoulda beat Monmoth and Richmond in OT where they would have boasted a 20-10 record and a Top 50 RPI… they had Maryland, Hofstra and Xavier beat… until the final shot which would have given them a 23-7 record and then they had Georgia Tech, UMass and Dayton to the final seconds… which would have given them a 26-4 record.

But the shot to win the game in each of those contests circled in and fell out and the Niners are where they are at.


Taking on the Rhode Island Rams for the 2nd time in 5 days. Beating them decidely the first time.

Good luck Charlotte! However it turns out, it will be exciting.

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The Charlotte area schools (CMS) have been looking at implementing an anti-bullying policy to crack down on bullys while building a safer environment for students. Last night that policy passed but to the disapproval of many Christian groups in the area,

…the policy’s specific protection of sexual orientation and “gender identity/expression” drew opposition from critics like Ante Pavkovic, who quoted the Bible and questioned what teachers will tell children about gender identity.

“If a boy walks around saying he’s a girl, is he going to be allowed to go into the girls bathroom?” he asked during a public hearing before the vote. “We can’t countenance this. This is foolishness.”

I find it very distasteful that the battle against homosexuality has extended to “anti-bullying” policies. The plan calls for strict punishments against bullying of all types and will track bullying events over a students time in the CMS system but the message I’m getting from “compassionate church groups” is that bullys are wrong… unless “the gays” are involved. Verbally and physically assaulting homosexuals? That is ok in their book.

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