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I think Google’s economics can be summed up with one simple graph,

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If there is one thing that is certain about this years crop of presidential hopefuls, its that they always use cash… because they surely have a love of change.

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If GT can almost beat you and Maryland can beat you in your house, you aren’t a national championship team. I’ll give Maryland some credit. Even though Maryland had a rocky out of conference start, they have stepped it up a lot.

But let’s be honest about the situation, the Heels have played against sub-par competition for the last few months with signature wins against UCSB, BYU, UNCA and Davidson. The best win they have this year is at Ohio St. But the Heels beat them by less than Butler beat them when Butler played them the very next game. What does a real NCAA tourney 1 seed look like? Duke, Tennessee, Kansas and Memphis. The Heels will likely not fall lower than a 4 seed this year but I wouldn’t be surprised to watch them drop that low. Why am I not drinking the Chapel Hill Kool-Aid? My own Charlotte 49ers look like they could run with the Heels (and maybe even beat them) by analyzing common opponents,

UNC has:

Beat Davidson on a Neutral Court by 4
Beat Clemson at Clemson by 2
Beat GT at GT by 1
Lost to Maryland at Home by 2

Charlotte has:

Beat Davidson at home by 6
Beat Clemson at Clemson by 11
Lost to GT on a Neutral Court by 4
Lost to Maryland at Home by 4

And I don’t think Charlotte is even a top 25 team right now. Because they’ve returned only 1 starter from last year and have 9 new players, mostly freshman, that are still gelling.

Looks like we’ll be seeing more of this in the near future,

Thanks to the ExtremeSkins forum for the pix!

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Proof that the Air is a superior machine!

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Thank God For Experts


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