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As of 9:43pm I’m calling it. The effort to repeal the Mecklenburg County 1/2 cent transit tax has failed in a landslide, with currently 71% or 57,000 voting against the repeal of the tax. Yeah!

It’s been a heated election season as those that oppose the transit tax who have labeled their effort as “no more trains, vote for repeal” constantly trying to ally themselves with a “moral” platform. The belief that this has been a moral battle has led to comments like the one I heard on WBT1110 driving back from the SGA executive cabinet meeting tonight where one of the Vote For Repeal campaign organizers talked about how the “Charlotte business community didn’t want to play fair and so they funded the Against Repeal campaign to stifle a proper debate on the issue”.

Maybe the citizens of Mecklenburg County just got educated on the topic and they decided to vote for the future? Charlotte is already the 20th largest city in the US and is growing fast. If we want to manage that growth properly, public transit is the best way to do that. Specifically through rail transit.

I’m prouder than ever to call myself a citizen of Charlotte after seeing the turnout to defeat the repeal effort. This community is headed in the right direction. I’ll be there on Nov. 24th to ride the grand opening of the first light-rail line in Charlotte and I’ll hope to see you there too!

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Grad School Options

It’s been a while since I’ve had an opportunity to log my personal decisions and such since this year has been so hectic. But in preparing for the future, I have decided that I want to stay in school by going to graduate school.

I think North Carolina is an amazing state and I love Charlotte, but it is time for me to get away for a while to gain experience with something new.

My first choice for graduate education is the Boston area, and specifically the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I want to study in the Technology Policy program there. What is the Technology Policy program? From the TPP program website:

The mission of the Technology Policy Program is to educate engineers and scientists
in responsible leadership of technology development by implementing policies for the benefit of humanity.

TPP emphasizes leadership in the development and implementation of
intelligent, responsible strategies & policies that address the use
and control of technology for the benefit of our communities — local,
national and international. It fills a basic gap in traditional
university structures, which normally develop skill in technology quite
separate from any in-depth understanding of the disciplines — such as
economics, law and politics — necessary to develop effective practical
strategies. It acknowledges that the leadership skills necessary for
effective implementation of technology tie into engineering systems.


MIT is famous for its amazing architecture! If I want to go there I’ve gotta start by taking the GRE next semester, so over the spring I’ll be studying up!

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There is no need for me to keep posting everything from Your49erPresident.com on jritch.net so I’m putting the RSS feed for Your49erPresident in the sidebar of jritch.net

This site will still serve as my personal blog, Your49erPresident.com will serve as my SGA blog.

Thanks for reading!

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It’s time for Charlotte 49ers men’s basketball! The season kicked off tonight with an exhilarating demolition session vs. the Ottawa Gee-Gee’s. (If you want to know what a Gee-Gee is you have to listen to the podcast). The Gee-Gee’s barely broke out of the single digits in the first half and finished down almost 60 points. What was most impressive is the spirit that the team showed, I haven’t seen a 49ers team that looked so into it, especially in a game that technically didn’t count. Wilderness had the moves of an NBA player and Phil Jones is the center that our team has always lacked. And these guys are freshmen!!! Leemire was amazing as always and now we are all pumped about the season opener vs. High Point next Friday. Get ready nation, the 49ers are going to surprise a lot of people this year.


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