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Tim, Jason Feltis and John Avery went with me to the UNC Tomorrow Open Forum in Charlotte on Oct. 3rd. There was around 200+ people there, from local elected officials like Mayor Pat and County Commissioner Chair Jennifer Roberts, to university leaders like Charlotte Chancellor Phil Dubois and UNC System president Erskine Bowles.

I took the open-mic opportunity to voice the concerns of the students. In a small group setting of about 8 people I said that if we wanted to see Charlotte grow, we had to provide the amenities that top-notch students will be looking for, like a dedicated rec center, a football team and quality residence life facilities. I also suggested that because of the business leadership that is constantly being demanded in the Charlotte area, that a “leadership studies program” be housed at Charlotte. In the open floor session I… well, I could tell you but I’d rather you listen to it on the podcast.

I took some pictures too, but my water bottle spilled into my bag ruining my camera… we’ll see if I can recover those pictures.


My talking points at UNC Tomorrow Open Session


John Avery’s Talking Points at UNC Tomorrow Open Session


Wrap-up of UNC Tomorrow with Jason and Tim

Bonus: Intense/Crazy Economics Guy at UNC Tomorrow Open Forum


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