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Our recent decision to publicly voice concern with ASG has started to draw serious attention across the state. Hopefully this attention will lead to serious reform. For the Appalachian Online, Nick Ianniello covers this story:

“ASG is just a huge drain of money right now for basically zero results,” UNCC SGA President W. Justin Ritchie said.

“I think that what the [UNCC SGA] was saying when they went through
with this was that if enough campuses say ‘you know what, I’ve had
enough,’ that maybe a few would get cut,” said Ritchie.

While UNCC will no longer be actively participating in ASG meetings, Ritchie also plans to continue his involvement.

“There’s so many overarching issues that the delegates there didn’t
think that their presence was helping UNC Charlotte,” Ritchie said last
Friday. “As of last night we are effectively withdrawn from ASG.”…

Many people say that the best way to fix these problems is to scale back ASG.

“I feel that ASG has tried to become something that it can’t be,” said Ritchie. “It’s too big.”

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On the way back from our Executive Branch retreat in Ararat, VA we were about 20 minutes away from Charlotte, passing by Exit 68 on I-85 when traffic came to a halt and we realized that we were stuck. I then realized that this would either make or break the retreat… and oh… did it make it. The cabinet bonded closer than ever as we took advantage of the situation in the many ways depicted below.




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John Avery Wins a Prize

At Lancaster’s BBQ in Moorseville, NC John Avery exercises his mechanical hand skills

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