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Democrats Find Something…


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Fall elections are usually the bastard child of Spring elections. UNC Charlotte usually comes out to vote with as much as 10% turnout in the spring with 2000+ votes, whereas last fall we only had 585 votes! This fall however, something changed. Thanks to the great teamwork that was out there, Quincy Brewington, Kelly Sheets and John Avery helped to organize some serious efforts that got 1,902 students to vote. Whenever we are asking a poll question we want to see how statistically significant the results are. Thanks to the great turnout we have a 99% chance that the results are within 3% of the actual student body! Go statistics! I’ll post a write up about election results later when they are released at noon today, but here is some of the chalking that was done around campus:

Oooo… pretty colors

The Earth Club chalked a lot! Encouraging students to vote yes for the poll question that asks if students will pay $2.50 a semester in additional fees for sustainable initiatives on campus

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Dear NC Student Body Presidents, UNCASG Leaders and Delegates:

Charlotte will no longer be attending ASG meetings as a delegation. I
will continue to work with my colleagues on the Presidents Council in
the greatest capacity possible. The Presidents Council is the only
effective and functional service provided by ASG to the students of our
state. I have arrived at this decision after multi-year discussions
with past Student Body Presidents of Charlotte, current SGA officers
and student leaders from across the state.

has become the culmination of every dissonant and negative possibility
of bureaucracy. Years of ineffective dialogue, squandered funds
provided by the students of North Carolina, and now, the lack of a
voice on the Board of Governors has prompted me to discern the value of
ASG to the students that Charlotte 49er leaders have an obligation to

My decision is in no way an attack on other Student
Body Presidents or other campuses. I am honored to serve on a Council
consisting of such accomplished, articulate and honorable leaders. I
look forward to working with all 17 Student Body Presidents throughout
2007 and 2008.

Charlotte will consider full participation in
ASG when our delegates will be able to focus on the issues affecting
students, instead of:

  • Suffering from a complete lack of
    communication and organization which has resulted in painfully delayed
    agendas, incredible vacuums of information and either an implied or
    intended veil of secrecy
  • Investigating why the UNCASG President is not sitting on the Board of Governors, as the position is responsible for
  • Pondering details regarding personal issues that prevent ASG leadership from performing required duties
  • Entrusting an organization to be run by a leader that has received a vote of no confidence by the Presidents Council

I encourage other Student Body Presidents to join me in expressing our
shared distaste of the current representation we have with those that
build policy affecting every student. The future of state level
advocacy for students may be uncertain, but we can stop the stagnant
mess currently masquerading as the voice of the UNC system by beginning
to make a drastic change.


The image

Justin Ritchie
Student Body President

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