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Who started facebook? Why was facebook started?

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I really like Apple products. I think Apple does a great job marketing to a specific user base and due to that they have sparked timeless loyalty among their fans. That being said, I was not impressed with the Leopard feature set when it was revealed. Apple is trying too much to copy Windows Vista with their latest OS release. Adding random transparency and glowy effects is the job of MS developers. And what happens when Apple tries to copy Windows? OSX gets ugly. Here are some of the big gripes that some users have had with the current release of Leopard.

This massive drop shadow obstructs windows

Glowy dots look cheesy

A lame attempt to implement Aero

Powder blue accents along with transparency? That’s just ugly

Check out the original article at Mac News Online


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I arrived in my room at 1am Sunday night on the campus of PARI and began to unpack when I realized that I did not have my phone charger and my phone was completely dead. Being in the middle of the forest and 45 minutes away from anything substantial where I can purchase anything I was really in trouble.

I went to bed at 3 and I woke up at 7:30 and got a shower then hit the road. I drove to Brevard and purchased a new car charger. Then I realized that my cigarette lighter didn’t work. So I went to Radio Shack and bought a new cigarette lighter and fuse.

I went to hook up the new cigarette lighter and fuse after driving the 45 minutes back to PARI. But, I couldn’t find any documentation on how to wire it.

I wired it wrong.

And fried the phone charger.

The cigarette lighter appeared to work, after I plugged in the lighter and it got hot Mike and I said, “Yay! It works!” so I plugged in the phone charger… and the smoke shot out.

I drove another 45 minutes to Brevard after I swapped the wires and finally once I returned the adventure was complete.


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On the way back from my 21st birthday adventure at the cabin Jane, Tim, Gill and me stopped into Mount Airy for some lunch… on a Sunday. Living in Charlotte we forgot that nothing is open on Sunday… except for the Blue Bird Diner and a Soda Shop. We had delicious burgers and they loved Jack the Dog. Jack got a free hot dog and ice water! We even met someone from Charlotte decked out in UNC Charlotte gear! It was awesome!

The home of the Andy Griffith show

The Mayberry Soda Fountain was awesome! Becuase it was open

Jack owned this town

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Sweet Potato Hero of NC

Apparently the hero of North Carolina is the Sweet Potato. Tyler emailed me this picture of the Sweet Potato, the world vegetable champ.

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