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Jane really wanted to give me an excellent birthday weekend and so she planned a trip up to her parents cabin for 14 friends and me. Most people go and drink a lot on their 21st birthday but I honestly didn’t have time to drink because there was so much going on. Let’s start at the beginning.

Wednesday was the 4th of July and so there were plenty of fireworks in Kernersville.

According to the locals, the show was shorter than last year… at least I wasn’t in Charlotte, some guy brought an AK-47 to the fireworks there

 On Thursday we drove up to the cabin and that took almost the entire day. But at least we had a chance to sit on the porch and wave to the people that drove by.

Jane’s cabin!

Gill waves hello with his gun to unfortunate passers-by… they waved back

On Friday we explored the Blue Ridge Parkway and ate a delicious picnic lunch

Then we got to relax… old style

Then Will, Paul, Marcus and Erby arrived Friday evening


On Saturday everyone else came too and so we had dancing around our roman candles

(From left to right, top to bottom) Erby, Tim, Gill, Jason, Jenn, Me, Marcus, Jane, Will, Paul, Chris, Bobby

Those not pictured include Sarah, Andy and Rachel

Jane put on the best birthday celebration ever! She and Gill even pooled to get me the greatest watch ever, which I’ll put up pictures of as soon as we get a few links removed.

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100,000 Visitors!

I never thought I’d have 100,000 visitors when I started this blog a little under a year ago. But now I’ve hit the magic number! As I said a while back, I’m going to an interview with my 100,000th visitor and that is Tyler. When I get a chance to do it I’ll post it up here. For now you can enjoy this thumbs up from me.

I need a haircut… and I hope my razors that were mail ordered come in soon!

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Residents of the state of LA have one year to wind down the cockfighting activities while preparing for the event to finally be illegal… just like in all other 49 states.

I remember one night about a year ago, I was having dinner over at Jane’s house and her dad started telling a story about the time that he took his kids to a cockfighting match. I was really surprised that this kind of thing still went on in major public venues, and specifically that it wasn’t illegal.

The vote on the bill that made cockfighting illegal was passed unanimously. The bill also included a section that made gambling at cockfighting events illegal which will likely put an end to the event even quicker.

However, this could have a black market effect on the traditional sport. Cockfighting generates a lot of revenue for the counties that have highly rooted traditions in the fights. Likely cockfighting will still go on in Louisiana for generations, it will just be under the roost now. Now the local law enforcement has the egg on their plate to stop the gruesome battles from occurring. Good luck to the police of Louisiana.

This man likely has no other source of income

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