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Paulitician (n) – A person who is a maker of policy that offers viable and attainable solutions to the current problems of America by reducing the size of the government and adhering to the constitution. E.g. Ron Paul is a Paulitician.

So why reinvent politics because of the paulices… ahem.. polices of one man?

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I found this worm in my hallway today. Wow, its huge.


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Marcus led Jane and me to some amazing waterfalls on Sunday in the Davidson River area. Gorgeous!

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“We’re not just the internet!” chanted supporters. And those chants boomed around the Greenvile convention center…. but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Jane and Marcus drove to PARI for the weekend so that we could have fun and ultimately attend the Ron Paul rally in Greenville, SC. The media keeps saying that less than 500 turned out, but it was obvious that there were at least 1,000 there.

Before Ron Paul spoke, the Chair of the Greenville County Republican Party spoke. What a downer. He didn’t even thank Dr. Paul for coming or even alluded to the fact that Congressman Paul would be speaking. He just talked about how Greenville County would be the county that chose the Republican nominee, how they’ve always chosen the Republican nominee (being more accurate than Iowa and NH), but most nauseatingly of all he used his time to speak about how he would move the primary if Florida moved theirs earlier because “Greenville County would hold the first Republican primary in America”… snore… no one cares.

Ron Paul’s speech drew almost constant applause as he outlined his plan for America and he stood up for his values without adhering to any parties values. I am thoroughly a Ron Paul supporter now and he is the only candidate with true integrity. If only the media would start giving him a serious thought.

Don’t Monkey Around!! Support Ron Paul!

Taking over the streets of Greeville!

There was a guy in Greenville dressed like a gorilla… totally unrelated to the rally

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Before restarting to finish an ATI driver update this evening, I realized that Windows Vista has been the most reliable OS I’ve ever used (I’ve never had OSX on my home machine). Slightly over 7 days without a full system restart! Despite Vista’s minor quirks, I’m loving it.

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A sign found on Highway 64 just outside of Brevard… I couldn’t help but chuckle. Imagine being the team of people that has to sit around and think these things up.

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Tyler Pratt was my 100,00th visitor! Yeah! I sat down with Tyler on Facebook and we talked about the hard hitting issues.

Me: How do you feel being the 100,000th visitor to the Inside My Mind Blog?

Tyler: I feel it is a great honor to be your 100,000 visitor I have known you
for about 10 years and to be a part of your blogs 100,000 visitor is a
great experience to be a part of.

Me: Tell me about your facebook zombie, how highly ranking is it?

Tyler: My facebook zombie has only bitten one person and is a leftenant zombie. He looks like a dead napolean haha.

Me: What movies have you seen recently?

Tyler: Well I haven’t been to the movie theaters, rented a movie, or seen one
on TV for a long time however, the last one I played on my laptop last
night was my copy of Saturday Night Fever.

Me: If the Inside my Mind Blog was an animal, what animal would it be?

Tyler: If Inside my Mind Blog was an animal it would be a dog because it is
always reliable and can be a man’s best friend if you want something
intresting to read.

Me: What are some of your favorite websites?

Tyler: My favorite websites are digg.com, ebaumsworld.com, coasttocoastam.com, facebook, officer.com, and yahoo for my mail

Thanks to Tyler for Being my 100,000th Visitor!

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