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I’ll miss Junaid now that he is graduated and moving on to other things, but at least I’ll be able to keep in touch with his commentary on global issues through his new blog, The Global Strategery Report. Be sure to go and check it out.


Junaid watches over the world political scene with the intensity that he watches over a Charlotte Sea Turtles practice

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Whew! I had no idea that Greensboro was so much further from Brevard than Charlotte. I drove for what seemed like forever to visit Jane and her parents in Kernersville on Friday night. We had a lot of fun and Jane’s dad, Rick (Papa Alban Enrique Williams) told me that he reads my blog regularly. Jane and I decided to give him a special shout out.(See below) Then we drove to my grandparents house to celebrate Patrick’s graduation from high school! Yeah! Go Patrick! He will be attending UNC Charlotte next year, and hopefully when I have to move out of my house someday, he can move in with some of his friends.

Then on Saturday night I went to Andy’s 21st birthday party where we watched Thank You For Smoking. A great movie which I’ve now seen 3 times and read the book. Finally, on Sunday I drove home after spending the night with my parents and got back to work on Monday morning. Overall, it was a great weekend!


Here is Rick Williams asleep at 8:30pm

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A Microsoft Surface parody that puts it all on the table,

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Yes. I am from China Grove, NC. The home of the restaurant that slaughtered a goat in its kitchen which then had an E.Coli outbreak from the goat. That E.Coli outbreak likely killed a woman. So that brings about the following relationship.

Kill a Goat -> Breakout of E.Coli -> People Die

Tyler told me about it and I couldn’t believe it at first. A goat? Slaughtered in the kitchen of one of the restaurants where I had eaten growing up? I don’t know what to think.

CHINA GROVE, N.C. — A goat was slaughtered in a Rowan County restaurant days
before people who ate there started showing symptoms of E. coli. Now, an insider
tells WCNC that we haven’t heard the whole story.

Former employees of Captain’s Galley, a seafood restaurant in China Grove,
are speaking out, claiming the situation there has just gone from bad to worse
for them.


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Giraffe Crossing?

Driving through the NC mountains I didn’t expect to see this sign… maybe there is a giraffe on the loose?

Look out for wild giraffes in North Carolina! 

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After studying abroad in France for 6.5 months Jane is back! Yaa!! I’m so excited! I had so much fun this weekend exploring nature and visiting her Aunt and Uncle in Greenville before going to see Son Volt at the “Handlebar”.


We ate lunch here.


Son Volt

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I went into the kitchen in the main building to make some tea and in order to do so I put some water on to boil… then as always I walked out of the room for a few minutes. No longer than 3 minutes later I returned to find flames higher than the teapot! I was rather suprised, but fortunately I refrained from panicing and doused a towel in water before throwing it on the flames. Steam shot everywhere causing a few extended moments of tension while hoping that the sprinkler system wouldn’t trigger building wide destroying all the sensitive electronic equipment… wow. I almost destroyed the world.

It turns out that a piece of food had fallen into the burner and caught on fire once I turned the burner on. Wow. I guess that is why a stove should never be left unattended.


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