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Thanks to the 49ers Baseball Team and the 49er Athletic Department for letting me throw out the ceremonial first pitch on Saturdays’s Senior Day matchup vs St. Bonaventure! It was fun pitch to throw and I can’t wait to follow the #23 ranked Niners in
tournament play. Coach Hibbs and the entire team are doing an amazing job this year and I’m excited to see what they can do vs Virginia Tech, Richmond and the A10 over the next few weeks.

Photo credit: My Mom and Dad

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A New Computer!

It’s finally going to happen. The ultimate frustration that is the lack of performance of my three year old laptop is finally getting remedied. I will be building a new computer that will cost about $1150-$1250. Here are the components:
And that price will come down after rebates

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Now that I’m really into Last.fm I figured that it might have a few really cool tools like Flickr does. And my assumption was correct. There are tons of scripts out there that do tons of cool stuff. Two of my favorites are scripts that calculate how mainstream your musical tastes are, and how eclectic your musical selections have been. Here are my results.

  • 1 – Brother Ali: 2% mainstream
  • 2 – Will Hoge: 0% mainstream
  • 3 – The Cat Empire: 3% mainstream
  • 4 – Chromeo: 4% mainstream
  • 5 – The Clientele: 5% mainstream
  • 6 – Groove Armada: 25% mainstream
  • 7 – Red Riders: 0% mainstream
  • 8 – The Rosebuds: 2% mainstream
  • 9 – Son Volt: 3% mainstream
  • 10 – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: 16% mainstream
  • 11 – Travis: 30% mainstream
  • 12 – Wynton Marsalis: 3% mainstream
  • 13 – Porcupine Tree: 15% mainstream
  • 14 – A Sunny Day In Glasgow: 1% mainstream
  • 15 – Novi Split: 0% mainstream
  • 16 – The National: 7% mainstream
  • 17 – Panda Bear: 4% mainstream
  • 18 – Akron: 0% mainstream
  • 19 – Amy Winehouse: 11% mainstream
  • 20 – Lovedrug: 3% mainstream
  • 21 – Gotye: 1% mainstream
  • 22 – KCRW’s Today’s Top Tune: 0% mainstream
  • 23 – Shining: 2% mainstream
  • 24 – Atmosphere: 12% mainstream
  • 25 – Stars: 26% mainstream
  • 26 – Great Lake Swimmers: 4% mainstream
  • 27 – Chocolate Genius Inc: 0% mainstream
  • 28 – Amy Millan: 2% mainstream
  • 29 – The Cinematics: 2% mainstream
  • 30 – The Cinematic Underground: 0% mainstream

jritch is 5.88 % mainstream


Take your top 20 artists. For
each of these artists, collect the top 5 similar artists. The resulting
number of unique artists is your eclectic score. If
the score is small (extreme = 5) your musical preferences are very
limited, and if it is large (larger than 80, extreme = 100), then you
have an eclectic musical preference. You can compute your own score at http://anthony.liekens.net/pub/scripts/last.fm/eclectic.php

My eclectic score is currently


The 93 related artists for my profile are Acceptance Akron/Family (2) Angels of Light & Akron Animal Collective (2) Ari Hest Atmosphere Band of Horses Basement Jaxx Blackfield Blur Camera Obscura Cash Money Bros. Cloak & Dagger Radio Coldplay Copeland Corinne Bailey Rae CunninLynguists Cut Copy Dappled Cities Fly Dave Barnes Deerhoof Destroyer (3) Dream Theater Dreamdate Duke Ellington Eisley Eskimo Joe Expatriate Eyedea & Abilities Faker Fatboy Slim Girls Aloud Golden Smog Grinspoon Grizzly Bear Hot Chip Interpol Jay Farrar Jens Lekman John Coltrane Junior Bloomsday Keane Kelis Kind of Like Spitting Kings of Leon LCD Soundsystem Lily Allen Mae Marc Broussard Massive Attack Matt Nathanson Matt Wertz Miles Davis Moby Murs Oasis Okkervil River (2) Opeth Pain of Salvation Panda Bear Powderfinger Regurgitator Riverside Rogue Wave Sage Francis Shimura Curves Shrag Six Organs of Admittance Sonny Rollins Starky Stereophonics Sugababes Tapes ‘n Tapes The Arcade Fire The Chemical Brothers The City on Film The Clientele The Jayhawks The Knife The Mess Hall The Microphones The Strokes The White Stripes The Whitlams Thelonious Monk Tiga Treva Jackson Umbrellas Uncle Tupelo Whiskeytown Wolf Parade (3) Worker Bee Yo La Tengo

Outside the Asheville, NC Civic Center for The National and The Arcade Fire

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This photo from CarolinaNightLife.com says it all. We always have fun. I really appreciate the great times we’ve all had this semester!

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The semester is over! It’s all done! Grades are rolling in one by one and so far it will turn out to be my worst semester ever, no matter what the grades that haven’t been posted may turn out to be. Dr. Tsu ended up turning his bell curve into Mt. Everest, giving only two people A’s and more than thirty people C’s out of a class of 40+. Now did I deserve a C? No, I deserved an F. But I am grateful for his generosity in that sense. I really didn’t apply myself as I should have in that class, which is a mistake I won’t make next year. Best case scenario is that I’ll end up with a 3.4 GPA this semester, worst case is a 2.98 GPA, that will bring my cumulative to anywhere from a 3.65 to a 3.7. So now that the semester is over, what did I learn?

  • Even though I got and deserved a B in Astrophysics (I did terrible on the homeworks) I learned a TON about stellar evolution! Probably the most educational class I’ve ever had, thanks Dr. Trammel and Dr. Corwin!
  • I learned a lot in Electronics… projects that bring hands on experience are worth 10x more than any book work that can ever be done
  • Never take 19 credit hours if you are an Engineer/Physics major. Your grades will drop off and you will verge on the edge of insanity. I did terrible on many homeworks because I didn’t have time to do them. It was rough.
  • You don’t have to major in Political Science to be a Politician and a Scientist…. you can quote me on that
  • I have awesome family and friends, and friends and family are what its all about
  • France is amazing! International travel is an important piece of developing an adequate picture of the world
  • I miss Jane… a lot
  • I’m not a big fan of money, I don’t really care if I do stuff in my life that makes a lot of money as long as I have enough to survive

Class… is over.

Paul is my white friend (obscure reference for all you Colbert fans)

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The ritual continues. Following in the past four semester tradition I have grown out my beard from when classes end to when exams are finished. It was actually Jane’s idea originally so I can’t take any credit for the idea.


With a Beard

Obviously… still with a Beard

Without a Beard

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I understand wanting to get people hyped for a manned mission to the most visible rock in space (during the night of course)… but honestly… a trailer? The animation and time consumed by making a trailer probably cost a whole months budget of space ice cream for the astronauts that will actually go to the moon. The least they could have done is include a voice over… I’d be glad to help.

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