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This weekend was prime time to escape the race atmosphere and blazing heat of the Charlotte region and explore the Pisgah National forest. Marcus, Erby and me met up with Marcus’ friends Seth and Emily (and now my friends too) to go camping at Mortimer campground in Mortimer, NC.

Photo credit goes to Erby

We were at first confused on why the MapQuest directions that we printed stated that we would be driving about 130 miles yet it would take 3 hours. We figured out why that was when we entered the gorge and had to drive about 15 miles on a dirt/gravel road at 15 miles an hour.

The campground at Mortimer was filled up and so we found a great campsite that was in perfect location to the river…. until we were told by police that it was private property despite the lack of trespassing signs. We were told to leave and so we did…. with only about 3 hours until sunset and confederate soldiers everywhere..

Photo credit goes to Erby

we drove for miles on an unnamed road to try and find a wilderness site to camp at. As I was driving I looked in my rear view mirror and Emily’s car was no where to be seen! Because she was trailing me I was kicking so much dust into her engine that it caused her gas mileage to drop significantly. Was there a cut in the gas line? We hoped that we could push on just a bit farther. So we did and we found a great site.

Photo credit goes to Erby

Without Erby we would not have had fire

After our nights rest we set out on a hike

Marcus noticed some interesting mushrooms

We found a great swimming hole

My car got really dirty

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