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Sports Illustrated put up their strangest stories of the sports school year and the #2 strangest story of the year hit close to home… because I was there and involved in it.

2. The crackdown on bad behavior at college basketball games has gotten
out of hand. A Charlotte student was kicked out of a game against UMass
for trying to alert a referee that his fly was open.
The student, who had attended every home game for four years, received
an apology from the school’s athletic department. As for the referee,
his inability to notice even the most basic things could lead to a job
working NBA games.

When the Charlotte 49ers hosted UMass in Men’s Basketball we were pumped to have a shot at taking down one of the leagues top teams. However one of the refs came over to us and said before the game, “Better not act up this game”. Which I thought was a little out of line for the ref to say that to us.

After the halftime break, this same ref comes out of the locker room/bathroom with his fly down! We yelled and yelled at him to try and get him to zip it up. We yelled that, “your fly is down. We yelled, “Zip up your pants” and we yelled nothing that even bordered on profanity. Suddenly, Rob Ferrin who was standing right next to me said that, “I’m getting ejected.” and I said, “What?” and then he was gone along with another student and good friend of mine, Rob Demetrious.

The next day, I ran into Chancellor Dubois and he shared with me that he was wondering what had happened and he wanted to know my take on the situation. I told him what had happened and he told me to call Athletic Director Judy Rose and let her know that she had nothing to worry about on our end. I did just that and Judy then took the necessary steps to make sure that the security never did anything like this again. Rob Ferrin and Rob Demetrious were then apologized to and everything is back to normal… except now we bring a sign to basketball games that says “Games since last ejection” right now it stands at about 4 or 5.

Now we are on good terms with the refs

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