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Tickets were ordered long ago for the Arcade Fire concert, and plans were made to visit Lindsay, and the plans were coordinated with a visit to PARI (where I’ll be working this summer) and off we went!

Bat Cave?!

A road in the Pisgah National Forest

PARI should be an awesome place to work!

Marcus and Erby love each other

Erby is meditating

The mountains!

The Arcade Fire!!!

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Earth day was a huge media blitz this year, but I decided to go about a more grassroots effort to reach the world by attending the UNC Charlotte’s Earth Club’s Earth Day Festival. I dressed up as a banana for my campaign and I also raised awareness on the plight of bananas on Earth. (It also coordinated with my campaign, and I’m sure the banana didn’t hurt my presidential victory)


I met the “E” from R-E-C-Y-C-L-E, is it the first E or the second E?

Jessica Green helped me make this sign, and Marcus held it up! Awesome!

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