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After the Charlotte 49ers Men’s golf team has completed the first 13 holes at the NCAA Golf Championships they lead the field tied for 1st with an over all score of -1. I continue to refresh the golf leader board more frequently than I need to while I work on this

Charlotte’s Matt Mincer takes a shot for a birdie

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Bimbo Sighting

While at a gas station I had a rare Bimbo Foods sighting

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This weekend was prime time to escape the race atmosphere and blazing heat of the Charlotte region and explore the Pisgah National forest. Marcus, Erby and me met up with Marcus’ friends Seth and Emily (and now my friends too) to go camping at Mortimer campground in Mortimer, NC.

Photo credit goes to Erby

We were at first confused on why the MapQuest directions that we printed stated that we would be driving about 130 miles yet it would take 3 hours. We figured out why that was when we entered the gorge and had to drive about 15 miles on a dirt/gravel road at 15 miles an hour.

The campground at Mortimer was filled up and so we found a great campsite that was in perfect location to the river…. until we were told by police that it was private property despite the lack of trespassing signs. We were told to leave and so we did…. with only about 3 hours until sunset and confederate soldiers everywhere..

Photo credit goes to Erby

we drove for miles on an unnamed road to try and find a wilderness site to camp at. As I was driving I looked in my rear view mirror and Emily’s car was no where to be seen! Because she was trailing me I was kicking so much dust into her engine that it caused her gas mileage to drop significantly. Was there a cut in the gas line? We hoped that we could push on just a bit farther. So we did and we found a great site.

Photo credit goes to Erby

Without Erby we would not have had fire

After our nights rest we set out on a hike

Marcus noticed some interesting mushrooms

We found a great swimming hole

My car got really dirty

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Sports Illustrated put up their strangest stories of the sports school year and the #2 strangest story of the year hit close to home… because I was there and involved in it.

2. The crackdown on bad behavior at college basketball games has gotten
out of hand. A Charlotte student was kicked out of a game against UMass
for trying to alert a referee that his fly was open.
The student, who had attended every home game for four years, received
an apology from the school’s athletic department. As for the referee,
his inability to notice even the most basic things could lead to a job
working NBA games.

When the Charlotte 49ers hosted UMass in Men’s Basketball we were pumped to have a shot at taking down one of the leagues top teams. However one of the refs came over to us and said before the game, “Better not act up this game”. Which I thought was a little out of line for the ref to say that to us.

After the halftime break, this same ref comes out of the locker room/bathroom with his fly down! We yelled and yelled at him to try and get him to zip it up. We yelled that, “your fly is down. We yelled, “Zip up your pants” and we yelled nothing that even bordered on profanity. Suddenly, Rob Ferrin who was standing right next to me said that, “I’m getting ejected.” and I said, “What?” and then he was gone along with another student and good friend of mine, Rob Demetrious.

The next day, I ran into Chancellor Dubois and he shared with me that he was wondering what had happened and he wanted to know my take on the situation. I told him what had happened and he told me to call Athletic Director Judy Rose and let her know that she had nothing to worry about on our end. I did just that and Judy then took the necessary steps to make sure that the security never did anything like this again. Rob Ferrin and Rob Demetrious were then apologized to and everything is back to normal… except now we bring a sign to basketball games that says “Games since last ejection” right now it stands at about 4 or 5.

Now we are on good terms with the refs

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What’s going on with Twitter today? Twitbin hasn’t been working and the site keeps crashing on me at random times… after Chris Rhode got me hooked on it yesterday I can’t update… hopefully it’ll be up tomorrow!

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I’m thinking about going to Cleveland, Ohio for the Porcupine Tree concert this weekend… maybe even to visit Brad in Cincinnati… but also mainly just to roadtrip. Should be a fun time if I decide to go with Paul, Marcus, and maybe someone else.


Porcupine Tree at Festival d’été de Québec, courtesy of fusaka

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Spencer Reiss over at Wired.com put up a snazzy article today on why $5 gas is the greatest thing for America. The article goes on to make some excellent points about what I’ve always thought, alternative energy sources will not become a realistic option for the US economy until the incredibly inexpensive infrastructure built on petroleum products becomes too expensive to maintain. 

The truth is that the often maligned oil companies could do a lot of good if they threw their super budgets into alternative fuels research. And they do already. The problem is that it is just too profitable to maintain the status quo. There is tons of money to be made in alternative fuels, and when the current system reaches a “point of no return” (e.g. $5 gas) then solar, nuclear, wind, etc… will become the mainstream of American energy.

One of the best things that I learned on my trip to the old red, white, and bleu… is that France has it right. The air was so clean, even in Paris. Most of the country is powered by nuclear energy and as I rode through the countryside on a train, I saw windmills generating power.

There are a lot of forward thinking experts in the US, our government just has to give them ear time to make their case. That’s why my vote in the 2008 presidential race will go to the candidate with the best energy policy. I hope that the rest of America realizes the impact that oil has on our current distribution methods for everything from plastic to our daily meals The next 10 years of American history won’t be determined by “housing bubbles”, internet economies or wars that are justified or not.

America will establish itself as a world leader for the next century only by developing an energy infrastructure that can put the country ahead of the curve as oil becomes a less viable option for powering the engine of the world economy.

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Thanks to the 49ers Baseball Team and the 49er Athletic Department for letting me throw out the ceremonial first pitch on Saturdays’s Senior Day matchup vs St. Bonaventure! It was fun pitch to throw and I can’t wait to follow the #23 ranked Niners in
tournament play. Coach Hibbs and the entire team are doing an amazing job this year and I’m excited to see what they can do vs Virginia Tech, Richmond and the A10 over the next few weeks.

Photo credit: My Mom and Dad

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