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Motivation Roundup

I’ve been busy inspiring the masses with photos of my friends over the last few years. Feel free to print these for the office. A meeting room will become a meeting fun house with some of these on the walls,

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Rockin’ Out

These photos go down in the category of  interesting photos to explain to my future children someday. Paul turned 21 on Saturday so we had a few people over. One of them happened to have a wig, and I happened to have some Def Leppard CD’s and then history was made.

Rock on



That is some animalistic air guitar

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It’s official! I’ve been sworn in as the Student Body President at UNC Charlotte. I’ve already worked with my VP, Chief of Staff, and President Pro Temp to appoint a staff which will be revealed soon. I’m planning on getting some of these exams finished off and then I’ll be in full action mode!

Tim and I will be announcing a lot of our plans soon

Thanks to Maddy for taking these pics!


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I finally got out to see Darren and Sarah in A Tragical History of Dr. Faustus out in the Belk Theatre at Robinson Hall. After the Second Act began and the set was showing a slideshow of all the places around the world that Dr. Faustus had visited… I couldn’t help but notice that one of the photos used looked very similar to one of the ones I took while on the Notre Dame de Paris. Sarah called me on Monday and told me that it was my photo! I appreciate Sarah recommending that my photo should be used. That’s awesome! I am honored to be a contributor to theatre.

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Jordan speaks the truth about UWalk  and I’m eating a macaroon while I ask him the question so I sound really pretentious.

The office of the VP


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I’ve decided to start recording a quick bit with my friends to upload on Odeo’s amazing podcasting tools. It’s a great way to have fun and get experience podcasting. Here is my first episode, How Should I Use the Banana Suit? with Adam and Joel


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All Charlotte 49er fans know how close Bobby Lutz came to leaving his unsure future at Charlotte for a six year contract with much less pressure at South Alabama. It came really close… I love Coach Lutz, so I’m glad he is staying. I recorded an interview between him and WFNZ recently. Click play below to listen to it,


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