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I finally got around to posting the video of our final intramural basketball game… enjoy,

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The City Hall of Paris… I forgot what they called it though

There were a bunch of people ice skating in front of city hall

The building is so huge, there is no way I can have the whole thing in the background as I have my picture taken

An ornate statue

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On To the Street!

It has been a while since I’ve had a chance to blog, but now I can finally get back to recounting my trip to France since I’ve finished all my homework.

Jane and I straightened up our luggage after arriving at the hostel and then we got out and started to explore. It was late evening and so we first walked all the way down the road we were on which was Rue Rivoli. We walked in the direction of Place de Bastille. And eventually, we got there.

We said we would come back during the day, little did we know how much there was to do in Paris….

We passed by a very gothic church!

Eventually we found a cute little restaurant and I had my first experience with escargot. The little pieces were so hard to get out of their shells, but were delicious! I think they were either baked or steamed in “pisto”, which is some kind of French pesto.

After our dinner we headed out to walk around until 1am, when we had to be back in our hostel. We walked by several graphic novel shops. Apparently the French are crazy about graphic novels. It was fun going through the shop, seeing all the graphic novels that I had read in French, and a few that I hadn’t read that looked interesting!

A restaurant called “The Beaver”

My first view of the Notre Dame

Jane by the Seine!

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Youtube Frenzy

I went on a Youtube frenzy this morning, posting all my old videos that I haven’t gotten a chance to upload yet. Here is a campaign video that Marcus put together after a rough day of filming on Saturday,

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Blog updates will be sparse over the next few weeks as I make a run to the White House Cone Center as I blaze a campaign trail across UNC Charlotte. Follow the campaign at http://ritchieernst2007.wordpress.com/

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I emailed illogical from BTBeat.com to ask about why the site was down,

 Wish I knew I’ve been tying to contact bitbeat all week without sucess, I know we had been talking about an upgrade to the bandwidth as things were getting a bit slow, but no decission was made.

Mind you he has done this before then suddenly the site reappears working better than before.

First I know is when I get a mesage saying sorry, he forgot to make contact.

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Arrival at the Hostel

After leaving the Saint-Paul metro station, I walked out and into my first view of France. It was so awesome! There were so many people on the street doing random ,things like playing instruments and juggling. Fortunately our hostel was located directly next to the metro station, down this little side street,

Everyone loves the little scooters

The door to my hostel

We checked in (and it was then that I realized so many people spoke English, because the guy who checked us in knew English very well) and went up to our hostel room. It was nice, and we had a really great view because we were on the 3rd floor.

The view from the room

The Mije hostel was really old and cute and was only 33 euro a night per person! Jane and I unpacked and made our plans for the evening, which included eating and walking around our area.

In Paris there is a certain level of ornate-ness in everything, the hostel was no exception

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A few weeks ago I got this unbelievably stupid note on my door informing me that a random inspection will be performed on my apartment, but I was relieved to know that this wasn’t an inspection… as the note so kindly reveals.

Oh! So the inspection is NOT an inspection, I understand

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