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As my friends and I sat around the TV, acting out the usual Super Bowl half time tradition of trying as hard as possible to avoid watching the halftime show… I couldn’t help but notice that when Prince hit a guitar solo on Purple Rain, a huge sheet flew up in front of him, allowing only his shadow to be seen. This doesn’t seem like a big deal as in principle, but I immediately got the attention of my friends because Prince held the guitar on his shadow figure so that the whole thing looked like a giant penis. I don’t have a particularly dirty mind, but this was really obvious,

If that isn’t obvious, I don’t know what is…

You can watch the whole thing below, but do yourself a favor and avoid watching the first 8:37…. skip right to when the penile acrobatics begin exactly at 8:38

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If there is one lesson I’ve learned from sports this year, besides the importance of hiding my marijuana in water bottles. That lesson is that you don’t want to peak too early in a national championship game. Ohio State learned that lesson in their national championship game vs. Florida,

The opening play put Ohio State in the lead… but they were demolished by the Gators

So as the super bowl kicked off and Chicago ran back the game opener, I couldn’t help but think, “Here we go, a repeat of Ohio State” and that intimation ended up proving true. Chicago ended up losing is a dominated fashion which was quite similar to the game effort of Ohio State. Rex Grossman had Troy Smith like numbers and the Colts dominated like Florida’s defense did.

If I ever coach in a national championship game, I’ll tell all my players to avoid running back the opening kickoff!

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I was talking on the phone last Tuesday when the unthinkable happened… my speakers broke.

A few months ago when I was vacuuming, the wire which led to the controller on my speakers got sucked into the vacuum cleaner cause a small cut on the aforementioned wire. But on this unholy day, my speaker controller had become wrapped around the wheels on my desk chair, which placed so much stress on that small nick, the speaker controller broke completely off!

The speakers were so poorly designed that I could not even turn the speakers on without this controller! Even worse, the wires were like 22 gauge, so they were so small I couldn’t repair them! Solder would have been a very temporary fix because it would have easily broken again soon.

My speakers are very important to me because of the quantity of music I enjoy, 935 hours worth, according to Windows Media Player. I quickly decided to buy some new speakers from Amazon. The price point of $120 was exactly what I had paid for my last two sets of speakers (the ones I bought in 8th grade, and the ones I bought in 11th grade). However, something different applied, these new speakers were THX certified and 280 Watts! The Logitech Z-5300e 5.1 Surround Sound system is quite amazing! The sub is huge and the sound quality is unbelievable!

On the left is my old speaker controller which broke, on the right is my new speaker controller, which has a button on it to bring about world peace

The sub is huge, the quarter is provided to give you an idea just how big it really is.

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I was headed back to my apartment from Gill’s place because I wanted some Chef Boyardee. So as I approached my car some girls were leaving the same apartment complex, apparently from a party. They asked me if I could give them a ride to their dorm and I said “sure” because it was on my way.

So as they piled in and we started talking I started to realize how old I was!

They were all freshmen and they lived on campus. When I told them that I ate at the same campus cafeteria that they did, they said that it was really cute, because that was three years ago and three years seems like forever! (coincidentally, that fact was cute because girls like thinking of boys when they were younger, because it is cute for some yet unexplained reason)

Three years ago I was a clueless freshman struggling to cope with adult life, and learning to make it on my own. Now that I’ve got the whole “college life” thing down, it seems like so long ago that it was all different. But it isn’t just that experience that makes me feel old, it seems like I go around all the time talking with Freshmen and Sophomores and I have so many “old timer” stories to tell… I feel like a granddad. Haha… well, at least they are good stories!

Above: A Photo of Justin Ritchie as he rides to one of his classes on the shuttle, he swears he remembers a time when UNC Charlotte did not have a shuttle system and he had to walk 15 miles in the snow without shoes, jumping in cow pies to keep his feet warm

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On a weekly basis Shifted Sound is one of the best music podcasts around.  What makes the podcast so spectacular is the sheer variety of music Shelby Miller incorporates into his broadcast. I have no idea how he finds even half of the bands that he does, but his clearly refined taste in good independent music shines in every episode of the podcast. I eagerly anticipate every Sunday just so I can hear the new episode!

So when I heard that he was putting out a compilation album of some of the most popular artists he’d featured, I was sold. I ordered the album as soon as I could and for only $8.00 including shipping how could I pass it up? Adding on to the value is the fact that several of the tracks won’t even be out until later in the year because the albums haven’t been released yet.

The tracklist included a lot of artists that I’d been frantically searching for, like Huma and Wolfy, so getting some cuts from them on the CD made it that much more appealing to me.

The tracklist includes,

Sleep Out – “It Wasn’t Darkness”

Huma – “Given the Reasons”

Paper Moon – “Turning Colours Into Greys”

Kim Taylor – “I Feel Like a Fading Light”

Judah Johnson – “Loop Hymn” (Recorded Live In-Studio)

Wolfy – “House On A Hill”

Wintergreen – “When I Wake Up” (new version from forthcoming album)

Arizona – “Some Kind of Chill”

Marybell Katastrophy – “Hip”

Jonathan Inc. – “Unbroken Silence”

Tyler James – “Stay Humble”

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – “Maybe I’ll Hide With You”

Fighterpilot – “Answer Me”

All Mighty Whispers – “Mighty Whisper”

Victor Scott – “Gotta Go”

Dirty on Purpose – “Light Pollution”

Pela – “Lost to the Lonesome” (new version from forthcoming album)

So as you can see, you are obviously getting your monies worth with all that music.

Once the disc arrived about 2 days after I ordered it, I threw it into my CD player and was greeted by Sleep Out performing my favorite track from Shifted Sounds. It Wasn’t Darkness is amazing, and fully worth the CD itself. Some other tracks that stand out (because they are incredibly catchy) include, Huma‘s Given the Reasons and When I Wake Up by Wintergreen. The musical styling ranges from Indie Pop to Softer Acoustical Singer/Songwriter, with some Electronic and Indie Rock thrown in. If you order a copy soon, Shelby will throw in an extra copy of the CD for a friend.

This CD should bring great exposure to the Shifted Sound podcast and all of the amazing musical talent that is featured every week!

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